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Allan Wollos, 2013 Andrus Award Winner

Allan Wollos

By Elizabeth Rubio

Allan Wollos is a man dedicated to the well-being of his community and congregation. While serving as a minister at his Dallas church, Allan still makes the time to volunteer in the community for groups like AARP and the Girl Scouts.

Allan first got involved with the AARP Driver Safety Program in 1995, when he enrolled in a course as a student. When he returned three years later, Allan looked around the room and noticed that he was the only African-American in the class. He took this as a sign and decided to get more involved. He soon realized how few African-Americans were volunteering with the Driver Safety Program in his area and took it upon himself to be a trailblazer. Today, at age 82, he’s been volunteering with the program for about 15 years and oversees the program in about 60 Texas counties.

Motivating and mentoring others has always been a passion for Allan, who says his itch to volunteer comes from his experience in the ministry as well as from his mother, who is still active in the community as a centenarian. Allan acts as a marriage counselor for his church and assists at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Wollos’ “ministry under a bridge” includes driving around the Metroplex and handing out food and clothing to the homeless. And most Sunday mornings, he can be found preaching.

Allan is heavily involved in his church, particularly with children and young adults. He takes great joy in counseling young adults and showing them ways to better their lives. Both Allan and his wife open their home to anyone who comes looking for guidance, or who just needs a friend. Young adults of the church are always welcome at the Wollos house for some homemade meals. He has even been given a nickname, “Pa Pa,” by some of the children. Allan jokes that sometime visitors enjoy his company so much that he has to tell them, “Hey, go home. We need to go to bed.”

People throughout the community have come to know Allan as many things: a preacher, a mentor, a driver, a cook, a friend and a protector just to name a few. The Dallas community has truly benefited from the great work that Allan Wollos has done—and continues to do—in the community. That’s why Allan Wollos is one of AARP Texas’ 2013 Andrus Award winners.

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