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AARP Texas fought hard this legislative session on issues important to older Texans and their families, and lawmakers listened. From prescription drug affordability and funding for adult protective services to high-speed internet access, and much more, we achieved several victories for Texans age 50-plus.
Tina Tran, AARP Texas director
Lawmakers can pass legislation to shape our state as a place where Texans can live and age well into retirement, whether in the big cities or rural communities.
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House Bill 4220 Weakens Vital Oversight Body
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Through petitions and surveys, AARP is hearing from Texans who want lawmakers to improve nursing home quality, which is why AARP Texas is urging support for SB 1629.
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House Bill 300 by Rep. Donna Howard creates a sales-tax exemption for diapers, including adult incontinence supplies.
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Volunteering, by definition, is a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service. What that service is, varies for everyone, but for me, it means giving my time to an organization I am passionate about, like AARP. Growing up, I always enjoyed giving back to the community because I knew what a difference it can make not just for others, but also to the volunteer.
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Latest AARP research attaches $41 Billion value to the estimated 2.9 Billion hours of unpaid care that family caregivers provided in 2021.
Texas Sen. Cesar Blanco filed Senate Bill 1700, the Healthcare Expanded & Accessed Locally (HEAL Texans) Act. The bill expands health access by allowing full practice authority for nurse practitioners.
Five bills filed in the Texas Legislature would help older Texans thrive.
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State law requires nurse practitioners to maintain expensive contracts with doctors, which is limiting access to care in rural areas. AARP Texas is part of Texans for Healthcare Access, a coalition of nearly 40 organizations urging state lawmakers to end the contractual requirement.
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