Older Americans are experiencing a variety of financial concerns in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. From having enough income to pay bills and managing health care costs to the rising costs of inflation and saving for retirement, Americans 50-plus have a lot to worry about. 
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Physical activity can transform someone into the best shape of their life and live a healthier lifestyle. Constant activity can also help individuals in other facets of their life and well-being. 
AARP Texas is urging lawmakers to boost annual spending on the state’s respite-care program from $500,000 to $10 million—a twentyfold increase.
Helping Grandmother Walk
Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and Dementia can cause emotional, spiritual, and emotional stress. From dealing with the diagnosis to caring for your loved one’s daily needs, caregivers often find themselves looking for help. AARP Texas and the organization Caregiver Wellness Retreat know there is a huge need to help those caring for someone with this debilitating disease.
AARP has launched the AARP Veterans and Military Spouses Job Center, a new digital platform bringing together valuable information and resources to help Texas’ 1.5M veterans and military spouses compete in today’s job market. The job center includes a new Veterans Career Advantage Course to build on career planning and skills development to help navigate the job market. According to an AARP survey, more than half (56%) of employers say experience and the use of skills in previous positions are 'very important' when evaluating applicants' skills.
Coronavirus Home Test (COVID-19)
Omicron is a word I am sure you’ve heard. It’s the latest COVID-19 variant that is spreading through our communities.  But how will it affect us, and when do you know if you have Omicron, the Delta variant, cold, or flu?
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Did you know that mobile phone companies plan to end 3g service, or third-generation network, in 2022? It’s true. This means that up to 10 million people will need new devices.
Beware of holiday scams!
The Holiday season is upon us, and that means it’s a time for togetherness and celebration.
A panel of experts spoke on the stress of family caregiving as part of a screening of the documentary, "Caregiver: A Love Story."
American military veteran welcomed home by family. Wheelchair, disabled. Home.
Being a military or veteran family caregiver likely will be one of the most important and challenging roles you’ll ever have. Your caregiver journey may vary depending on if your loved one is active duty, retired, ill, wounded, or disabled.
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