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Margie Peschel, Making a Difference

By Hayley Hervieux

After 15 years, Dr. Margie B. Peschel still enjoys the little things that make volunteering worthwhile. For last September's Day of Service, she helped paint a recreation center near Fort Worth. Though it was tiring work, Margie admits, she really enjoyed it.

“The seniors were there. And they would come up and hug you, and thank you,” she says. “And it was a good feeling, it really was. And you made new friends. That’s what it means to be an AARP volunteer.”

Margie joined AARP's Fort Worth Chapter, #4116, in 1997. She was so impressed at the way AARP addressed senior issues that she volunteered to do more within the chapter. The group needed a medical expert, so Margie -- with her background in pathology -- stepped in to address medical issues and education. Margie gives talks, works on the chapter's legislative committee, assists with health fairs, and sends out monthly announcements with medical information: everything from getting flu shots to protecting against the West Nile virus.

Margie brings her own unique touch to the group. She loves the interaction between the group’s members and has introduced her own way of explaining it.

“I call it vitamin F,” she says, “Vitamin F is for seniors only and promotes well-being. Vitamin F’s contents are new friends, fellowship, facts, and fun.”

Aside from volunteering with AARP, Margie is very active in the medical community. She is on the American Cancer Society's local board as well as a member of the Tarrant County Medical Society, the Texas Medical Association, the Texas Society of Pathologists, and the American Society of Blood Banking. She is also active in her local Rotary Club and in her church.

For Margie it’s the little things that make the difference; things like hosting a potluck dinner for seniors living alone, things like painting, and advocating for senior issues. To tie it all together is the fellowship that comes from working together to solve a problem, achieve a goal, or simply put a smile on someone’s face.

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