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Updating Your Internet Browser Settings for the August 5 Volunteer Portal Enhancement

To ensure the best user experience possible, the Volunteer Portal will no longer support the use of Internet Explorer for volunteer users beginning on August 5, 2019. At that time, significant performance issues could be encountered when logging into the Volunteer Portal using Internet Explorer.

Please take a moment to review the information and resources below to update your internet browser settings. If you need any further clarification, please contact the Volunteer Helpline (1-866-740-7719 or

What do I need to KNOW?

  • The Volunteer Portal updated interface and new features planned for release on August 5, 2019 may not work as designed for users utilizing the Internet Explorer browser.
  • All Volunteer Portal users who currently use Internet Explorer will be impacted.
  • Google Chrome is the recommended browser for all Volunteer Portal users. The Google Chrome browser supports all security protocols; it is easy to download, and it is free.

What do I need to DO prior to August 5, 2019?

  1. Please follow the attached Tip Sheet  to download and install Google Chrome or another compatible browser on your device.
  2. Google Chrome or another compatible browser will need to be installed on your device prior to the August 5, 2019 release of the Volunteer Portal new features to ensure the best user experience in using the Volunteer Portal.


What should I expect NEXT?

  • Additional tip sheets and videos showing how to update your browser, use a mobile browser, and set a recommended browser as a default will be made available prior to the release of the updated Volunteer Portal with new features on August 5, 2019.
  • If you have any questions regarding the new features or have questions updating your browser or operating system, please reach out to the Volunteer Helpline (1-866-740-7719 or and further support will be provided as needed.
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