Like AARP, faith-based communities and places of worship have helped people take care of loved ones, save more for their future, find health and job resources and so much more. Many in the faith community were surprised and delighted to learn of all of AARP’s current offerings and relevancy to their congregations.  In-person engagement is the most effective method of educating community leaders about AARP and cultivating relationships.

AARP North Carolina has a new volunteer position to help lead AARP’s work with the faith-based community across North Carolina.

The Faith Outreach Coordinator will work with AARP North Carolina Staff and Executive Council members to develop and implement a statewide multi-faith outreach plan to engage communities of faith and find opportunities for partnership and mutual support. The Coordinator will:

  • Serve as an ambassador and a lead spokesperson for AARP North Carolina to communities of faith across the state
  • Lead the development of a comprehensive community outreach and engagement strategy for how AARP NC will engage faith communities on AARP priority areas
  • Utilize the AARP African American/Black Faith Toolkit and other resources to expand the reach of AARP workshops and programs
  • Commit to keeping updated and message-trained on AARP’s advocacy positions, and engaging faith communities as appropriate
  • In partnership with AARP staff, recruit and develop lead faith coordinators in each of the give regions in North Carolina
  • Recruit volunteers (as needed) to assist with the outreach to faiths and denominations outside of the Coordinator’s
  • Build partnerships with key leaders and stakeholders in the faith community based upon mutual benefit and cooperation and help identify needs of the faith community that AARP can help meet.

Applications for the North Carolina Faith Outreach Coordinator are now being accepted through March 16, 2018.

For more information and applications, please contact Mike Olender, Manager of Outreach and Advocacy, at