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Voter ID Victory - Minnesota 2012 Elections



Michele Kimball, AARP Minnesota State Director issued the following statement regarding yesterday’s historic victory.

“AARP is pleased that Minnesota voters have rejected the Voter Restriction Amendment.  This is a victory for the integrity of our elections system and for the ability of all eligible voters to maintain fair access to voting.  This amendment could have denied seniors and veterans who’ve given a lifetime of hard work and service to our country the most fundamental American liberty – their right to vote.


“Although a photo ID requirement sounded simple to voters at first, Minnesotans asked the right questions about the far-reaching impacts of this amendment.  As our campaign to educate voters in a nonpartisan way continued, more and more voters across the state became aware of the complications and unanswered questions involved in this amendment.  In the end, Minnesota voters from all political perspectives agreed that this amendment was too costly, complicated and would result in too many unintended consequences, especially for older voters.


“We are proud of the work of our nonpartisan Our Vote, Our Future coalition.  Leadership from more than 80 nonprofits, chairs including Vice President Walter Mondale, Governor Arne Carlson, Congressman Tim Penny and Dr. Josie Johnson, and scores of volunteers who care about the right to vote, all contributed to this defeat.


“The system of voting in Minnesota – a system that includes Same Day registration, absentee balloting and vouching during a life transition -- is a system that has helped ensure the right to vote for older voters and people with disabilities.  Any reforms of this system should be done in a bipartisan way and should enhance fair and open access to voting for all eligible voters.  AARP looks forward to working with the Legislature and Governor Dayton to ensure that the rights of all Minnesota voters are protected.”[/youtube]
{Photo Courtesy of League of Women Voters}


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