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Outsmart the Scammers


Stay one step ahead of con artists—and help your friends and neighbors do the same—by having your church or community group sponsor an AARP Fraud Watch Network presentation. A trained presenter can help you safeguard your nest egg by teaching you how to recognize and avoid imposter scams now rampant in the state.

In one such scam, you receive a phone call from a con artist posing as an IRS official, who orders you to pay back taxes or face arrest. In another, a message pops up on your computer saying the machine has a virus and a technical support person needs remote access to your computer to fix it.

“Don’t fall for it,” cautions Greg Marchildon, AARP state director. “Neither the IRS nor a reputable tech company would ever demand access to your bank account or computer via phone or email.”

To schedule a fraud presentation for your group, email or call 866-227-7451 toll-free.

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