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Vt. Gas land deals shrouded in secrecy

Posted on 11/16/2015 by | AARP Vermont | Comments

AARP Vermont shares the following article from the Burlington Free Press regarding pipeline land deal details not disclosed by Vermont Gas Systems.   By Zach Desparts, Free Press Media Philip Beliveau believes his neighbors have a right to know how much Vermont Gas Systems paid him to extend the company’s new natural gas pipeline through his St. George property. He would tell them himself, but Beliveau is barred by a non-disclosure agreement he said Vermont Gas required him to sign. …

Who’s Looking Out for Ratepayers?

Posted on 11/13/2015 by | AARP Vermont | Comments

  Nobody thinks much about utility regulation…until it hits their wallet. It’s not a sexy nor easy topic, but is one that impacts about every household and business in the state. When your rates go up or your electricity is interrupted, it gets your attention – but then it’s too late. In Vermont, our gas and electric utility companies are monopolies and the majority of Vermonters are served by for-profit companies. That’s why we regulate them. Unfortunately, ratepayers don’t always …

AARP VT Reaction to Public Service Board Ruling on MOU

Posted on 11/3/2015 by | AARP Vermont | Comments

Press Statement: AARP is pleased with the Vermont Public Service Board’s ruling today requiring further review and public hearings to examine the actual facts, assumptions and analyses supporting the recently announced agreement between Vermont Gas Systems (VGS) and the Department of Public Service (DPS). The Board agreed with AARP that it is in the public’s interest that both the company and DPS prove there is a positive impact on both Vermonters broadly and VGS ratepayers specifically. In winning this ruling, …

Burlington Residents Speak Out — Citizen Survey Cites Needed Improvements around Burlington

Posted on 10/30/2015 by | AARP Vermont | Comments

Burlingtonians had a chance to share their opinions and concerns on a host of issues around livability in a citywide survey conducted by AARP Vermont and released today. AARP Vermont held a briefing for Burlington officials, stakeholder groups and the press today to share these research findings from the household survey of 500 residents over age 45. The report is entitled The Path to Livability: A Citizen Survey of Burlington, VT. Findings around affordable housing, home sharing, the Champlain Parkway, …

Medicare Enrollment Starts Oct. 15!

Posted on 10/12/2015 by | AARP Vermont | Comments

Once a year people who are already on Medicare have an opportunity to make changes in how they receive their benefits. If they are on Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), they can sign up for Part D coverage or move to a Medicare Advantage plan. They can also change from one Part D prescription drug plan to a different one. If they have a Medicare Advantage plan they can switch to a different plan. Dave Reville of AARP …

Gas Pipeline Deal Shows Effort to Influence PSB

Posted on 10/8/2015 by | AARP Vermont | Comments

A recently  announced agreement between Vermont Gas Systems (VGS) and the VT Dept. of Public Service (DPS) is cause for concern to anyone who is watching this issue closely — especially ratepayers! While it proposes to reduce the cost to ratepayers by $20 million, it allows for unforeseen costs and still leaves current VGS customers paying at least $134 million for a gas pipeline that will serve another market altogether.  AARP has indicated its opposition to this proposal as well …