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Students are the most likely victims of identity theft

Posted on 08/28/2015 by | AARP North Caroliina | Comments

With the kids returning to school, you’ve earned a sigh of relief. But don’t breathe too easy just yet. From elementary through high school, students are 51 times more likely than their parents to be victims of identity theft. College students are ideal (and common) targets — and when hit, they lose more money and take longer to discover their identity theft than any other age group. And with forms, dorms and other threats, a new school year is especially …

A caregiver’s love story — the challenges and joys

Posted on 08/24/2015 by | AARP North Caroliina | Comments

By Margaret Toman — as appeared in the July/August NC Medical Journal My mother is 101 and in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. She lives with me, wheelchair bound, silent, beautiful still. For 15 years I have accompanied her through every stage of her illness – confusion, forgetfulness, accusations, wandering, the time she painted the lampshades with Revlon’s Fire and Ice and the wads of Big Red chewing gum she stuck on her closet wall, declaring that they would …

What you know is what they need — Isn’t it time to Mentor Up?

Posted on 08/17/2015 by | AARP North Caroliina | Comments

This week on Real Life, you’ll learn about Mentor Up – a program where young people help older adults stay connected and adjust to the many challenges they face in today’s changing world. Between health concerns, economic problems and seemingly daily advances in technology, this is not the world that many older adults—grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, even parents– thought they’d be living in at this point in their lives. The skills you have–in particular your technology skills–are skills the older …

AARP NC applauds new federal law to reduce sticker shock from hospital bills

Posted on 08/7/2015 by | AARP North Caroliina | Comments

AARP North Carolina applauds Congress and the President for their approval of the NOTICE Act, a federal law the President signed yesterday to take effect in August of 2016. Short for “Notice of Observation Treatment and Implication for Care Eligibility,” AARP pushed to require hospitals to provide written notification to patients 24 hours after receiving “observation care,” explaining that they have not been admitted to the hospital, the reasons why, and the potential financial implications of that decision. Observation care …

AARP and Fraud Watch partners keeping you informed of the latest scams

Posted on 08/7/2015 by | AARP North Caroliina | Comments

Have you thought about how you can protect yourself from identity theft and fraud? Every two second someone’s identity is stolen. Last year, there were 13.1 million victims of identity theft in the United States. Identity theft, investment fraud and other scams cost Americans $18 billion last year alone. How can you outsmart con artists before the con you? This week on Real Life, you’ll learn more about senior fraud with consumer protection enforcement attorney David Kirkman, who is the …

Let Life Reimagined at the American Underground help you find your “what’s next”

Posted on 08/6/2015 by | AARP North Caroliina | Comments

Life Reimagined: Durham Workshops at the American Underground What is Life Reimagined? It’s a new way of thinking about what’s next in your life. Backed by decades of research, Life Reimagined introduces a powerful step-by-step approach to help you discover possibilities, prepare for change, and make your ideas real. Learn more at Pre-registration is required. Refreshments will be served. Click on the date to register: August 11 August 15 September 9 September 24