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1st Quarter 2022 Data Show Need for $15M in New State Budget to Ensure Federally-Required Ombudsman Program Can Protect Some of NY’s Most Vulnerable
Portrait of senior couple at home
Recognizes, Addresses Needs of NY’s Fastest-Growing Population
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The Home Energy Assistance Program Benefit opens on November 1.
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And New Research Shows Older NY Voters Want to Count on Social Security & Medicare, Lower Rx Prices, Long-Term Care at Home
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Consumers Pay for Rate Hikes – and for Utility Companies’ Costs to Push Those Hikes; ‘Intervenor Funding’ Bill Before Governor Would Help Level Playing Field
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Legislation Would Level Playing Field for Ratepayers in Utility Rate Cases and Other Proceedings Before the Public Service Commission.
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RG&E, NYSEG Customers Can’t Afford 19% to 31% Delivery Charge Increases
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Hundreds of thousands more New Yorkers 65+ could be eligible to put about $600 a month on average back into their pockets through savings on prescription drug and Medicare premium costs.
Energy efficiency concept and energy bill papers
Especially With Huge Spike in Fossil Fuel Prices Projected, Continuing to Saddle Utility Customers with Bill ‘Poor Public Policy’
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Association Speaks Out on City Hall Steps, Testifies at Hearing for Council Member Hudson’s Bills to Advance Equity for Fast-Growing Older Population
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