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AARP reminds you to vote on Tuesday, November 7th. Besides the critical race for governor, all 120 seats in the state Assembly and Senate are on the ballot.
Four hundred thousand veterans of New Jersey will benefit from a national initiative to protect them against scammers, fraud and abuse. In September 2017, in partnership with the US Postal Inspection Service and the US Post Office, AARP launched a national initiative “ Operation Protect Veterans.” This initiative will leverage the partner’s huge reach, communications capabilities, and credibility to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of financial fraud, and warn family members of the dire consequences of being scammed. To share and learn more about how you can help protect military veterans, go to or call 1.855.800.9023.
Definition of a Family Caregiver
In September, Equifax, one of the nation’s three major credit bureaus, announced that a data breach likely compromised the information of approximately 145 million Americans, about half the US population. The media swirl that has ensued has left many people confused and alarmed. Here’s what you should know about the breach:
Welcome to our voters’ guide for the 2017 governors’ race. Joining us to give their views on issues of interest to voters age 50+ are the Republican nominee, Kim Guadagno, and the Democratic nominee, Phil Murphy.
AARP Commends Gov. Christie for Supporting Caregivers of Wounded Warriors
The health care bill pushed by the leadership in the US House of Representatives has come back to life in an even more damaging form. The legislation would hit people 50-64 with an “age tax” that could cost them up to $13,000 a year.
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is now working with private debt collection agencies to recover unpaid tax debts. Scammers could attempt to capitalize on potential confusion created by this new development. Here’s what you need to know. How it Works:
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