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Joanne Cleaver

AARP has been working at the local level to improve pedestrian safety, expand affordable housing and make neighborhoods more livable.
AARP is collaborating with the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse to help Wisconsinites stay active with the Walk with an Eagle program, which pairs up older adults and students for weekly walks. AARP also hosts Walk with a Doc in Milwaukee and is planning events around the state this year to promote pedestrian safety.
Key election dates for 2024 have been set, enabling Wisconsin voters to begin sketching out their voting plans for a year that will include primary and general elections on the local, state and national levels.
As lawmakers return to Madison in January, AARP Wisconsin will push for a state tax credit for family caregivers to help offset some of the out-of-pocket expenses they incur while providing care to loved ones.
AARP Wisconsin is holding Social Security listening sessions across the state this fall at senior fairs, festivals and community centers. The effort comes ahead of the 2024 campaign and amid a political debate in Washington about the future of the program.
AARP is educating families about what to consider when choosing an assisted living facility and is pushing for legislative reforms to improve the safety and oversight of such facilities.
Scammers are attempting to steal personal information through efforts to “help” veterans gain benefits under the federal PACT Act.
AARP volunteers will play an important role in pushing for policies to improve the lives of older Wisconsinites as lawmakers work to set the 2023–2024 state budget.
AARP Wisconsin is pushing for a special fund to compensate fraud victims when the wrongdoing company can't return the money. It’s one of several measures AARP plans to advocate for in the Legislature in 2023.
With Wisconsin split along partisan lines amid an acrimonious political season, some voters may feel like skipping the upcoming midterm election. But AARP encourages all voters to participate.
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