Author of “Catch Me If You Can” Kicks off new AARP Podcasts

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What’s the best way to learn how a scam works and how you can protect yourself? Go to the source. AARP Fraud Watch Network Ambassador Frank Abagnale, known for his bestselling book-turned-blockbuster movie, Catch Me If You Can, has worked on fraud prevention for more than four decades with law enforcement, financial institutions and corporations. Now he is co-hosting AARP’s new podcast series, “The Perfect ScamSM.” Will Johnson, former Discovery Channel podcast host and producer, joins Frank, a former confidence …

AARP OK opens nominations for 10th annual Indian Elder Honors

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AARP Oklahoma is accepting nominations for its 10th annual Indian Elder Honors, celebrating 50 Native American elders who have positively impacted their communities, families, and tribal nations. Since its inception in 2009, AARP Oklahoma has recognized 450 elders from all 39 tribal nations in Oklahoma. “The AARP Indian Elder Honors recognizes the extraordinary contribution of Indian elders – many of whom have never been recognized before,” AARP Oklahoma Volunteer State President Joe Ann Vermillion said. Last year’s honorees from 33 …

2018 AARP OK Operation Stop Scams Events in Clinton, Oklahoma City, Shawnee, and Tulsa

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The AARP Fraud Watch Network brings fraud-fighting efforts to Oklahomans across the state with five, free Operation: Stop Scams shredding events in Clinton, Oklahoma City, Shawnee and Tulsa beginning April 17, 2018. “At the end of tax-filing season many Oklahomans clean out old financial documents which often contain personal information. AARP Oklahoma’s Operation Stop Scams shredding events will provide a safe, convenient way for people to destroy this sensitive paperwork,” said JoeAnn Vermillion, AARP Oklahoma State President. Identity thieves routinely search …

Show your support for HB 1013; Give nurse practitioners full practice authority

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It’s time to help solve Oklahoma’s health crisis and allow nurse practitioners to have full practice authority. 22 states and DC are addressing health care shortages by allowing full practice authority for nurse practitioners. It’s time for Oklahoma to join those ranks. HB 1013 allows nurse practitioners to practice to their full training and education. It expands access to healthcare, especially in our underserved rural areas, and enables older Oklahomans to live independently at home. HB 1013 was introduced in the House of Representatives where it …

AARP OK Legislative Priorities- How to get involved

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AARP Oklahoma is working hard for its members with an aggressive legislative agenda, but we need your help to be successful.  Our legislative priorities are listed below. Get involved today and let your voice be heard! To get involved, call or email Chad Mullen at or 405-715-4470. CLICK HERE FOR 2018 Legislative Priorities  

AARP supports HB 2985 which provides 4% cost-of-living adjustment for retired public servants

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AARP’s founder, Ethel Andrus, first founded the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA) and, later, AARP. NRTA and AARP have always maintained a strong relationship. Many of AARP OK’s 400,000 members are retired police officers, fire fighters, teachers or state employees. As such, we fully support our retired public servants. Currently, there is a bill in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, HB 2985, by Representative Frix that would provide a 4% cost-of-living adjustment – something which has not occurred in 10 years. …

AARP Oklahoma Contact Information

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Sean Voskuhl, AARP OK State Director 405-715-4475   Melba Knight, Senior Operations Specialist 405-715-4472   Mashell Sourjohn, Associate State Director- Community Outreach 405-715-4474   Chad Mullen, Associate State Director- Advocacy 405-715-4470   Joy McGill, Associate State Director- Community Outreach 918-352-5641   Melanie Henry, Associate State Director- Communications and Community Outreach 918-402-6666

IRS urges taxpayers to protect data all year, not just during tax season

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AARP Oklahoma has partnered with the IRS to share important tax information beginning in tax season and continuing throughout the year. Eight Steps to Keep Online Data Safe Anyone with an online presence can do a few simple things to protect their identity and personal information. Following these eight steps can also help taxpayers protect their tax return and refund in 2018: Shop at familiar online retailers. Avoid unprotected Wi-Fi. Learn to recognize and avoid phishing emails that pose as a …

New SoonerPoll Results: Oklahomans overwhelmingly support buying prescription drugs from Canada

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By: Bill Shapard, The rising cost of prescription drugs is not a new story. But as continuing efforts to lower prices have had little effect, states including Oklahoma are starting to take matters into their own hands.  And, according to the most recent SoonerPoll, Oklahoma likely voters overwhelmingly want their state legislature to take action. Currently, U.S. law bans people from buying most prescription drugs from Canada, even if they are just as safe and effective as those bought …

Fraud Watch Network Alert: What You Should Know About Bitcoin

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Lately, it seems that you can’t go one day without hearing about the tremendous gains (and losses) of Bitcoin and other popular “virtual currencies.” While high returns make them intriguing as an investment, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) wants you to be aware of the possible risks associated with investing or speculating in virtual currencies. Here’s information straight from the CFTC: What You Should Know: Virtual currency is a type of unregulated digital money that is used and …