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AARP's Dickerson on Progress Energy Rate Settlement

“AARP is deeply concerned about the government’s rate settlement with Progress Energy, which in the midst of public hearings, was hastily negotiated during closed-door meetings between company lawyers and the Utilities Commission as they secretly calculated how much ratepayers will shoulder.  Isn’t a role of the Commission to listen to the people who will be paying the bills?

The end result of this settlement will cause struggling seniors and families to suffer even more.  Food, gasoline, and out-of-pocket medical costs are already rising several times more than Social Security adjustments.  And now, power bills will spike even higher.  We are dealing with very profitable companies that hold a monopoly on residents. Why should Duke investors profit at the expense of millions of hard-working and retired North Carolinians?" -- Doug Dickerson, director, AARP North Carolina


Photo by Duke Energy


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