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Movies for Grownups Film Showcase Comes to L.A. LIVE

Posted on 10/2/2014 by <a href="" title="Posts by " rel="author"></a> | AARP California |

Great films, talented actors, gifted directors – AARP’s Movies for Grownups Film Showcase has it all! From November 6-9, the second annual Movies for Grownups Film Showcase will spotlight films with performances and storylines that speak to the 50+ moviegoer. All 11 of the screenings will be followed by an audience Q&A with talent from the film. Don’t miss your chance to see some of the year’s best films selected with a “grown-up” audience in mind! Plus, participate in Q&As …

AARP California Welcomes New Executive Council Members

Posted on 01/23/2014 by <a href="" title="Posts by " rel="author"></a> | AARP California |

AARP California is pleased to welcome the newest members of the state’s Executive Council: David Lindeman, Patricia Perez, Larry Saxxon, Alan Sloan, and Rita Saenz. After years of volunteer involvement at AARP, the members are excited to be able to give back to the community in a more formal way. The Executive Council a volunteer advisory body that provides direction and leadership in carrying out AARP’s strategic priorities in California. Dr. David Lindeman has over 30 years of experience in the field …

George Davis: Entrepreneur Charts His Own Course

Posted on 03/15/2013 by <a href="" title="Posts by " rel="author"></a> | AARP California |

During February and March, in honor of Black History Month, AARP is celebrating the stories of six Californians defining what it means to take hold of all of life’s possibilities at any age. We continue our series this week by featuring George Davis, Interim State President for AARP California and CEO of Davis Broadband Group, a digital distribution consulting firm in Los Angeles. When he’s not in the boardroom, he’s traveling the world or hiking right here at home. In addition …

Become a Volunteer Advocate with AARP California

Posted on 12/1/2012 by <a href="" title="Posts by " rel="author"></a> | AARP California |

AARP in California is gearing up for our 2015 legislative work.  Part of that preparation is developing a network of advocacy volunteers to represent AARP priorities across the state. And we have a VERY large state. With 53 Congressional , 40 Senate and 80 Assembly Districts, we have a lot of ground to cover – more than 170 districts! Our goal is to have a volunteer liaison for every elected member. Volunteer advocates are the key to achieving positive social …

Major California Employers Sign Work Reimagined Pledge

Posted on 12/1/2012 by <a href="" title="Posts by " rel="author"></a> | AARP California |

AARP launched Work Reimagined to bring together experienced workers, peers, employers, and world-of-work experts to help job seekers navigate the new reality of using social media to find employment. Work Reimagined uses the power of LinkedIn to connect you to a larger professional network that grows by connecting you with your contacts, your contacts’ contacts, and their contacts’ contacts. Drawn by the huge pool of workers, millions of companies maintain pages, and many of them post jobs, on LinkedIn. More …