AARP & Elected Officials Meet For Legislative Breakfast

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AARP & Elected Officials Meet For Legislative Breakfast On Monday, November 13, AARP Illinois is hosting a legislative breakfast where state and local elected officials will meet with local residents and discuss issues that matter to residents ages 50 and older, and their loved ones, including state revenue, financial security, affordable utilities, and support to family caregivers. WHO:                        AARP Illinois WHAT:                      Lockport Township Legislative Breakfast WHEN:                      Monday, November 13, 2017/9:00am-11am WHERE:                   Prairie Bluff Golf Club, 19433 …

Research: Sleep problems associated with Alzheimer’s disease

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Dr. Smita Patel In recognition of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month in November, I will focus a 3-part series on the latest research focusing on the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. I also encourage you to view my earlier AARP blog posts, to learn about ways to reduce risks and preserve brain health. Have you heard that poor sleep quality, whether due to bad habits or to medical conditions (like sleep apnea) raises your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease? That is the developing …

Keeping Gums Healthy May Help Your Brain, Too

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  By Dr. Smita Patel We all know that maintaining good oral hygiene is good for your teeth and gums, but did you know that it is beneficial to your brain as well? Research has identified chronic periodontitis as a risk factor for dementia. In fact a recent study showed that having periodontitis for ten years increases risk of dementia nearly two fold. To understand why periodontitis increases risk for dementia we have to consider inflammation and oxidative stress (which …

New Treatments for Ankle Arthritis

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  By Jamal Ahmad, MD People are surprised that arthritis can affect the ankle because they’re used to hearing about it in the knees and hips. But think about it: The ankle bears four times the body’s weight, which makes it prone to injury, especially among active baby boomers. Several diseases can result in arthritis in the ankle, but trauma and rheumatoid disease are the most common causes. Previous trauma includes previous fractures, joint dislocations, or severe ankle sprains, which …


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HEALTH CARE IN ILLINOIS: 2017 & BEYOND – WHAT’S AT STAKE FOR YOU? AN AARP ILLINOIS | WGN RADIO FORUM   What are the health care issues relevant to Illinois residents and their loved ones? Cost and access, Medicare, Medicaid, prescription drugs, fraud and abuse are the top of mind issues for Illinoisans of all ages when they think about their health care. What are yours? On October 24, join AARP Illinois, WGN-AM, and a panel of experts to discuss …

Great Achievements Of Illinois’ Hispanic/Latino Community

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Health is such a critical foundation of a good and productive life, and access to health care is essential for all. As we continue celebrating the great achievements of Illinois’ Hispanic/Latino community, please join us to watch the story of Esther Corpuz, CEO of Alivio Medical Center.  


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For the Hispanic/Latino community, education is critical to ensure social, political, and economic success, empowerment, impact and influence. It all starts in grade school. As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we honor the work of Martha Alba, principal at Pilsen’s Cooper Dual Language Academy. Watch her story!


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AARP Illinois pays tribute to Latino culture’s rich legacy, history and contributions in our country and our communities.  The histories of Latino and Latinas in America and especially Chicago are diverse. The places explored  barely begin to hint at the varied ways their lives intersected with one another. Discover these remarkable stories. Listen to Juan’s story  

Join AARP Illinois for Medicare 101

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AARP Illinois brings its members a variety of resources and information on issues that impact your life. Do you have questions or concerns about Medicare? Learn the basics of the Medicare programs, learn who is eligible, what is covered under the program, costs of participation and what resources are available to you or a loved one. Gain insight into the Medicare program and how to optimize your benefits. This is a free presentation, and information you can’t afford to miss. …

AARP Illinois Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

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At AARP Illinois we celebrate diversity! We join with members of our state’s growing and thriving Hispanic/Latino community to celebrate their successes and share their vision. Starting today and for the next five weeks we will be posting videos recognizing and honoring leaders in our state’s Hispanic/Latino community. Elena Duran is a leader in the Little Village neighborhood. She’s been a community leader and business owner for almost 40 years. Watch and share her story, because we are Celebrando la …