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AARP: Assembly Takes Big Step to Help Caregivers by Passing Paid Family Leave Bill

Posted on 02/2/2016 by | AARP New York | Comments

Statement by AARP NYS Director Beth Finkel: “Paid family leave would help not only parents caring for newborns, but adult children caring for their own parents, New Yorkers caring for their spouses and anyone caring for an older family member. AARP thanks Speaker Heastie, Assemblywoman Nolan and the Assembly for passing strong legislation and making paid family leave a priority. “Many family caregivers hold down full-time jobs, and they shouldn’t have to worry about losing pay – or losing ocus …

AARP: Vice President, Governor Provide Critical Boost for Paid Family Leave

Posted on 01/29/2016 by | AARP New York | Comments

Policy Would Help Family Caregivers of Older NYers; AARP Stands Ready to Help Ensure Action This Year Statement by AARP NYS Director Beth Finkel: “Vice President Biden’s support brings enormous visibility to paid family leave, which AARP considers critical to supporting family caregivers in caring for a growing number of older New Yorkers and helping them age with dignity in their own homes and communities – as the vast majority want. “With Governor Cuomo having proposed paid family leave as …

AARP Urges Legislature to Join Governor, Take Effective Steps to Fight Hunger

Posted on 01/20/2016 by | AARP New York | Comments

Praises Gov. Cuomo for Proposing to Expand SNAP Reach Statement by AARP NYS Director Beth Finkel on Anti-Hunger recommendations in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s 2016 Agenda: “Too many older New Yorkers battle hunger, and AARP applauds Governor Cuomo for proposing to adopt the recommendations of the state’s Anti-Hunger Task Force (pages 169-176). “Governor Cuomo rightly acknowledged the health, mental and emotional toll hunger can take on the elderly. His proposals to expand eligibility and outreach for the federally-funded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance …

AARP: Governor Takes Steps to Address Needs of NY’s 50+ Middle Class

Posted on 01/13/2016 by | AARP New York | Comments

Proposes Paid Family Leave, Retirement Savings Plan Study, Caregiver Help; More Aid for Caregiver Supports Needed Statement by AARP NYS Director Beth Finkel: Paid Family Leave “AARP applauds Governor Cuomo for proposing paid family leave, and his moving recollection of regret for not taking more time to be with his dying father said it all. “Paid family leave would help not only parents of newborns but caregivers of older parents, spouses and other loved ones, as the Governor illustrated. And …

AARP Asks Governor to Ensure All Road Users Are Accommodated in Transportation Agenda

Posted on 01/8/2016 by | AARP New York | Comments

Statement by AARP NYS Director Beth Finkel: “AARP urges Governor Cuomo to ensure his robust transportation investment proposal includes design standards that safely and adequately accommodate all users of roads, including pedestrians. “The recently approved FAST (Fixing America’s Surface Transportation) Act includes a first-ever provision in federal law urging states to adopt such standards. And the Complete Streets law the Governor signed in 2011 requires state and local agencies to consider the convenience and mobility of all users when developing …

AARP to Push Middle Class Agenda at NYS Capitol in 2016

Posted on 12/30/2015 by | AARP New York | Comments

Top Advocate for 50+ to Urge State-Facilitated Retirement Savings Plan, Support for Family Caregivers   ALBANY, New York – AARP today announced a Middle Class agenda for 2016 at the New York State Capitol aimed at facilitating retirement savings in a changing workplace and supporting family caregivers to help the 50+ achieve financial stability and ease the burden on taxpayers in an aging society. The top lobbying association for the state’s most powerful voting bloc outlined these priorities: Creation of …