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Texas born and raised, Kim has worked with AARP since 2008. She’s a recovering journalism student, a bit of a policy nerd, a foodie groupie and a wannabe runner… And here she’ll be keeping you up to date on what the AARP team is up to in the Lone Star State.

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Make your vote count on Social Security

Posted on 05/26/2016 by <a href="" title="Posts by " rel="author"></a> | AARP Texas |

Some 12 to 13 million Texans should pay particular attention now that all major presidential candidates have come forward with their plans to keep Social Security strong and solvent for current and future generations. That’s approximately the number of Texans who are now paying Social Security taxes — both salary and wage earners as well as the self-employed. The July issue of AARP Bulletin will feature the candidates’ responses. But laying out a plan and making sure it works as …

Retirement Security for More Texans

Posted on 05/12/2016 by <a href="" title="Posts by " rel="author"></a> | AARP Texas |

Today, Tim Morstad, who leads AARP’s advocacy work in Texas on several consumer issues, explained how to bring retirement security to more Texans at the RAISE Texas Summit at the Federal Reserve Board in Dallas. “This issue is important because it’s so widespread,” says Morstad, who serves as the RAISE Texas board president. “One in four Texans between the ages of 40 and 64 has less than $5,000 in retirement savings.” “People are exponentially more likely to save through their …

In Memoriam: Centenarian Frank Kormos

Posted on 04/25/2016 by <a href="" title="Posts by " rel="author"></a> | AARP Texas |

As National Volunteer Month winds down, we salute the life and service of centenarian and former Andrus Award winner Frank Kormos of Dallas. In addition to being AARP’s oldest Texas volunteer, he has concurrently been an active member at his church and a block captain for his homeowner association in addition to other volunteer work. “The Andrus Award is presented to those remarkable people whose efforts and achievements have effected significant positive change,” said AARP Texas Director Bob Jackson said …

Lydia Oliphant, Connecting Houstonians with Help

Posted on 04/19/2016 by <a href="" title="Posts by " rel="author"></a> | AARP Texas |

Lydia Oliphant decided to try out volunteering with AARP in Houston at the recommendation of her friend’s daughter. Now, more than two years later, she’s pitched in a multitude of ways, including with Fraud Watch Network talks, walkability audits and events for family caregivers. “AARP’s mission of enhancing the age 50+ lifestyle and informing them of things that pertain to their interests is particularly important,” she says. That’s why her work focuses on helping members of the community find the …

Sunny Fitzwater, Volunteering, Learning and Sharing

Posted on 04/13/2016 by <a href="" title="Posts by " rel="author"></a> | AARP Texas |

Volunteering is not out of the ordinary for Sunny Fitzwater; in fact, she grew up with it. From a young age, Sunny’s parents taught her the importance of volunteering, and she also instilled this value in her children. Each of them volunteer in their communities. At age 62, Sunny began volunteering with AARP occasionally. She was not too invested and was only involved from time to time. Then one day, she decided to research health insurance because she and her …

Manuel Garza, Giving Back and Doing Good in Brownsville

Posted on 04/11/2016 by <a href="" title="Posts by " rel="author"></a> | AARP Texas |

At age 78, Manuel Garza of Brownsville is a fighter—he supports and fights for issues near and dear to his heart. Nearly 20 years ago, soon after losing his wife to pancreatic cancer, Manuel received a call from AARP while in San Antonio visiting his kids. As a retiree and recent widower, he wanted to do help other people but didn’t know how—or what. The phone call was the answer he needed, and he jumped at the opportunity to be …

Mari Okabayashi, Improving Houston for All Ages

Posted on 04/5/2016 by <a href="" title="Posts by " rel="author"></a> | AARP Texas |

In a big city like Houston, where many residents depend on their vehicles, it can be difficult to find safe sidewalks. Volunteer Mari Okabayashi is working with AARP to make Houston a more walkable community for people of all ages. Older Houstonians benefit from safe crosswalks and walking paths, as do parents with small children. “For the past two years, AARP in Houston has been building connections in communities that will ensure that as Houston continues to grow, it will …

Don’t put this one off for tomorrow

Posted on 04/5/2016 by <a href="" title="Posts by " rel="author"></a> | AARP Texas |

There are some things in life we put off because they make us uncomfortable. Going to the dentist, doing neglected home repair or saving adequately for tomorrow are but a few examples. When it comes to our own mortality, the challenge is magnified. According to a recent ABCNews poll, about 58 percent of American adults do not have a will or other estate plan. Even more people – nearly 75 percent of adults – do not have an advance medical …

Fighting Scams in Texas, ShredFest 2016 Kicks Off

Posted on 03/31/2016 by <a href="" title="Posts by " rel="author"></a> | AARP Texas |

Spring means spring cleaning, and AARP is here to help. That’s why, for one week at the end of April, we will be hosting ShredFest 2016 across the country. Texas stops include Corpus Christi, Fort Worth and Houston, so join us to safely get rid of unwanted documents, outdated electronics and old medications. ShredFest 2016 is free and open to the public. There will be large shredding trucks on-site. Too often, identities are stolen, and fraudsters are victorious. Sensitive information–such …

It’s an AARP Block Party at Fiesta San Antonio 2016

Posted on 03/31/2016 by <a href="" title="Posts by " rel="author"></a> | AARP Texas |

The AARP Block Party, which will pop up at major events around the country, makes it first stop in a few short weeks at Fiesta San Antonio. We’ll be at Maverick Park on April 22, from 9 AM to 5 PM, and April 23, from 3 PM to 10 PM. Join us for music, dancing and cycling, plus stay to see skateboarding and meet legendary San Antonio Spur, George “The Iceman” Gervin. We’ll also have special giveaways, plentiful resources and …