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New Year, New Goals, Life Reimagined

Posted on 12/22/2013 by | AARP MT Region | Comments

I know that for so many of us this time of the year is synonymous with business-as-not-usual. For a variety of reasons, whether it be the holidays, or the family time, or the craziness of shopping and gift giving, this “most wonderful time of year” is different from any other. For many people it is a time to take in the big picture of life, see where we’ve come, and figure out where we’re going. Or better yet, where we …

The Eye Of The Tiger

Posted on 10/27/2013 by | AARP MT Region | Comments

In my very first blog post a few months ago I cited my favorite Kierkegaard-ism about life only being understood looking backwards, but having to be lived forwards. I’ve been giving this some thought during the last week as I really try to imagine something different. No, no time machines under construction here, and I really don’t want to turn the paradigm around by living life backwards. But gosh darn it, I AM talking about the ubiquitous quandary of how we understand life …

Brain Health For The Rest of Your Life

Posted on 10/4/2013 by | AARP MT Region | Comments

During the last three weeks I’ve truly lived up to the term “Road Warrior.” This week it’s Atlanta for a series of meetings and part of the AARP Life@50 event. If you haven’t had a chance to attend in the past  definitely mark your calendars for 2014 and  join us for one of these action-packed information-filled extravaganzas! Since 2002 I have attend most of these, and now that AARP has moved to two events a year, I am excited to see what …

E-Bikes Round Two! Life-changing!

Posted on 09/13/2013 by | AARP MT Region | Comments

  I am very excited this week to be writing about a truly amazing experience I had with WanderBikes  in Chicago last week. If you recall a few posts back I wrote about E-Bikes and the vast improvement in this technology over the past few years. These bikes are becoming more mainstream.  The value to all of us as we age is really the story here. My visit was set up after I had Brady Doerschuk from WanderBikes reach out to …

Caregiving – Something We All Will Do

Posted on 08/31/2013 by | AARP MT Region | Comments

I want to thank everyone for the feedback I’ve received in the last month as I’ve focused my first few blogs on some important issues around, making life more “livable” and “enjoyable.” The Kierkegaard quote in my first blog is more about understanding life and finding meaning. But for many of us as we age, and as we take care of loved ones with physical challenges, it’s often difficult to even find the time and the mental strength to reflect …

Navigating Change – With AARP Life Reimagined

Posted on 08/21/2013 by | AARP MT Region | Comments

“Week 3 of Blogging! ” It has been an interesting adventure already and for those of you that read last week’s blog, it was great for me to have heard from several readers that have actually had an opportunity to ride an E-bike.  I really think this is a way for not just me, but for many of us as we seek to renew past adventures, to again get out into the great outdoors! I even had a dream about “Terminator Hill” this …