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During the last three weeks I've truly lived up to the term "Road Warrior." This week it's Atlanta for a series of meetings and part of the AARP Life@50 event. If you haven't had a chance to attend in the past  definitely mark your calendars for 2014 and  join us for one of these action-packed information-filled extravaganzas! Since 2002 I have attend most of these, and now that AARP has moved to two events a year, I am excited to see what this new format has to offer. Take a look at the sites for the 2014 events in Boston and San Diego, I hope you can attend one of these!  There is always a wealth of things to do and learn.
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I want to thank everyone for the feedback I've received in the last month as I've focused my first few blogs on some important issues around, making life more "livable" and "enjoyable." The Kierkegaard quote in my first blog is more about understanding life and finding meaning. But for many of us as we age, and as we take care of loved ones with physical challenges, it's often difficult to even find the time and the mental strength to reflect on life.
"Week 3 of Blogging! " It has been an interesting adventure already and for those of you that read last week's blog, it was great for me to have heard from several readers that have actually had an opportunity to ride an E-bike.  I really think this is a way for not just me, but for many of us as we seek to renew past adventures, to again get out into the great outdoors! I even had a dream about "Terminator Hill" this week and it had better watch out because I'm coming back!
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