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Resources for updates, home health visits, food banks, grocery access and meal delivery.
Assisting a family member in Frederick, Maryland.
AARP has a goal to protect vulnerable adults and provide their caregivers with the tools necessary to make important decisions. When an older adult plans for the future, they often consider what would happen if they develop difficulty in making decisions.  For instance, this might happen if they have a disease that is progressive and could affect their ability to think clearly.
Millennial Family Caregivers More Likely to Care for Someone with a Mental or Emotional Health Issue, AARP Report Finds
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In cases of personal injury or wrongful death in a medical setting, Arkansas residents and their families can sue for damages.
Capitol Caregiver Award Senator Bledsoe
More than 452,000 Arkansans care for an older parent, spouse or other loved one, helping them live independently at home—where they want to be. These family caregivers take on huge responsibilities that can be overwhelming, stressful and exhausting. They juggle full- or part-time jobs, and many are still raising families.
Americans overwhelmingly want to age at home. But that can be difficult for those who need help with tasks such as bathing and preparing meals.
2017 Caregiving Fair
Over 40 million adults in the United States, including 452,000 in Arkansas,  provide unpaid care to a family member. If you're one of these family caregivers, particularly a first-time caregiver looking for helpful tips and advice, the AARP Online Family Caregiving Fair ( 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Central on Thursday, Nov. 16) will help you make the most of your caregiving journey. You’ll find valuable resources, real-life tips and support to help you care for your loved one.
This Veterans Month, you can honor our brave heroes, and the people who serve them, by sharing their story and giving them a chance to win big.
Technology has spurred great advances in medicine, and now it’s improving access to health care as well. Act_203_2017_ , which took effect August 1, allows patients in Arkansas to initiate an audiovisual visit with a doctor from home or another convenient remote location.
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