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AARP Wyoming 
AARP Wyoming State Director Tim Summers announced today that Tim Lockwood has joined the AARP Wyoming team as the new Associate State Director for Communications and State Advocacy.
Fraud Money
Incorporating a company in Wyoming is simple, fast and easy -- so easy, in fact, that hundreds of companies do it every year. Among the perfectly legitimate companies are those that are not, and that’s the target of legislation – generally referred to as the Cease and Desist Act that has been passed to give the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office more authority to curb fraud in Wyoming. “The process of trying to deter fraud is a marathon, not a sprint,” Wyoming Secretary of State Max Maxfield said. “There is an endless stream of scams and con artists, but we are getting better and better at putting safeguards in place to make Wyoming less fraud friendly.”
Caduceus with First-aid Kit
An important change is coming for Wyoming residents who are enrolled in Wyoming Medicaid’s long-term care programs.
When someone you trust steals from you, the consequences are immense. You might suffer a sense of betrayal, embarrassment or humiliation, and of course the cost of the loss itself.
When Debbie Walter submitted a required report on Wyoming’s new Aging and Disabilities Resource Center to the U.S. Administration on Aging, this question came back: Was there a typo on the cover email?
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