AARP: Pressure building on Illinois Senate to allow vote on bill to stop drug price-gouging

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Springfield, Ill. – As key legislation to stop generic prescription-drug price-gouging appears stalled in the state Senate, pressure is growing on Senate leaders to allow a fast up-or-down vote on the bill. “Only days remain in the 2018 legislative session for Illinois Senate leaders to stop stalling the progress of this legislation,” said Bob Gallo, AARP Illinois state director.  “With national news shining a glaring light on how generic prescription-drug price-gouging is ripping off  Illinois families, local governments and state …

HB 4900 Press Conference: Statement by Ryan Gruenenfelder

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Good morning. I am Ryan Gruenenfelder, Director of Advocacy & Outreach for AARP Illinois.  I want to share my own personal story as an example why this legislation is needed.  In 1977, when I was 2 years old, I was given a peanut butter cookie when it was unbeknownst to anyone I was allergic to peanuts.  I went into anaphylactic shock and became unable to breathe.  Fortunately, my caregiver was able to rush me to the hospital in Sparta, Illinois …

AARP IL calls for up-or-down Senate vote on drug price-gouging law

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Springfield, Ill. – AARP Illinois issued the following statement Wednesday calling for an up-or-down vote soon in the Illinois Senate on HB 4900, which could push Illinois to the forefront of national efforts to rein in surprise price gouging that can lead to massive increases in the cost of specific prescription drugs. “On April 19, the Illinois House of Representatives gave bipartisan approval, 65-38, to landmark legislation that would put the interests of financially stressed families ahead of pharmaceutical companies …

Election 2018: Seeking Solutions-Springfield

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Springfield, Ill. – More than 95 Springfield area residents applauded Thursday evening as AARP Illinois and NPR Illinois launched a statewide tour of forums aimed at finding lasting solutions to a years-long state fiscal crisis that, despite some encouraging signs, is still hurting citizens, businesses and the state’s future. The Springfield forum was the first of 11 planned 2018 forums in the “Enough Is Enough” initiative, first unveiled last year by AARP Illinois and NPR Illinois. The events, scheduled from …

Women Diagnosed With Cognitive Decline Later Than Men

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One in five women will get Alzheimer’s disease in their lifetime. For men, it’s one in ten. Understanding this difference in gender and Alzheimer’s disease is the subject of much research and debate. Some theories include the loss of protective estrogen after menopause and the simple fact that women, in general, live longer lives than men. (Age is the primary risk factor for Alzheimer’s.) A recent study from the University of Illinois Center for Research on Women and Gender found that among men …

Lobby Day 2018

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AARP leaders and volunteers from Illinois and across the nation traveled to Capitol Hill to meet with members of Congress on Wednesday, April 25th urging Congressional leaders to make permanent the medical expense tax deduction threshold of 7.5 percent, maintain SNAP funding in the Farm bill, and to show their commitment to family caregiving by joining the Assisting Caregivers Today (ACT) caucus. AARP IL was there fighting for issues that matter to our members and their families. #AARP2018 AARP Chief …

AARP Illinois Thanks Lawmakers Who Supported Anti-Drug Price Gouging Bill

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Springfield, Ill. – AARP Illinois issued the following statement Friday thanking the state House of Representatives for voting 65-38 for HB 4900, a proposal to require generic drug companies to justify drastic increases in price to the state Attorney General. “The House vote for HB 4900 is a step forward for Illinois’ older consumers, for business and for taxpayers,” said Bob Gallo, AARP’s Illinois state director. “We thank the members of the House of Representatives for their strong support for …

Are you re-thinking your diet this Spring?

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Guest author Emmaline Rasmussen, MS, RD, E-RYT, is a nutrition specialist and clinical research dietitian at NorthShore University HealthSystem. It’s that time of year again when many of us re-think our diets ahead of warmer weather, swim suits, and shorts, so we’d like to take this opportunity to talk about the Mediterranean diet and what it can do for your health. Not only does a healthy Mediterranean-style diet improve your heart health (old news) but it also plays a vital …

Global Look: Challenges Facing Black Chicago

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  Join AARP Chicago on Wednesday, April 25th for A Global Look at Challenges Facing Black Chicago.  This event will take place at the University of Chicago’s Ida Noyes Hall located at 1212 East 59th with doors opening at 5:45 pm; the show time is 6:30pm – 8pm. In commemoration of the historic events that occurred in 1968, our panel will analyze methods of resistance used among oppressed people globally in hopes of identifying actionable solutions to gentrification, racial wealth gaps, pay …


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AARP IL is looking for Volunteer Tech Trainers to assist staff and other volunteers to provide training support.  Volunteer trainers would lead tech training, webinars, and workshops in group settings. Additionally, the Volunteer Tech role identifies promising practices for volunteer training support and helps increase awareness of the feature and benefits of technology in the AARP community. To volunteer please contact Ellen Acevedo @ or call 1-312-458-3626