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Jenny Davenport

Last week, the seven of us, all seven Entrepreneurs in this Bootcamp, respectfully, in awe, went before “The Panel”.
We each presented our third and final Retrospective, updating and wrapping up all of our Entrepreneur Bootcamp hard work and learning and applying it to our businesses.
Welcome, Readers, to the week of our third!
Readers, we are nearing the end of bootcamp!
It’s a race, isn’t it? A marathon.
We are heading up into the end of second trimester!
If we didn’t understand before the depth and magnitude of how “Real Life” could affect a seemingly paper-bound business plan
Welcome back, Readers. Here is the Jenny-Spin on the week we just completed as part of the RMMFI Entrepreneur Bootcamp
Hi, Jenny again. “Mrs. Davenport” of Mrs. Davenport’s Sweet Potato Pies
OK, RMMFI Followers, this is Jenny again, a little intrigued and a little energized by what has happened for the seven of us over this past week in the RMMFI Boot Camp for entrepreneurs
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