The 2019 Andrus Awards: Nominations Are Open!

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Nominate a community volunteer for AARP’s 2019 Andrus Award! Named after AARP’s founder, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, the Andrus Award honors outstanding individuals in every state who donate their time, skills and passion as a volunteer. Every year we gather at our annual Andrus Awards event and celebrate the dedication of Maryland’s wonderful volunteers. We are now accepting nominations for the 2019 Andrus Awards until July 15, 2019. Take some time and fill out the online form to nominate a …

AARP MD Veterans Corner – September 2018

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  The following is a new AARP Maryland column written by AARP Volunteer Brian Smith, a Navy veteran who resides in National Harbor, Maryland. I have been enjoying my time volunteering as an AARP Maryland Veterans Advocate. After spending an interesting and informative 2018 session advocating in the Maryland legislature, I am looking forward to returning next year to keep fighting for veterans issues. From time to time, I run across information that may be of interest to my fellow …

Put Social Security At the Forefront This Election Season

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The following is an op-ed by Jim Campbell, AARP Maryland’s Volunteer State President, which ran in the August 17 edition of the Baltimore Sun.  Many important decisions are facing policy makers this election season, but one of the most critical should be how to strengthen and preserve Social Security for future generations. Born in the depths of the Great Depression, Social Security is showing signs of financial distress. Sooner or later, our national leaders will need to step in to …

AARP Livability Index and “Where We Live” 2018: Where Does Maryland Fit In?

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  Livability Index – 2018 Winners in Maryland! Silver Spring and Columbia, Maryland are among the nation’s best places to live and age, according to the newly released 2018 AARP Livability Index. Developed by the AARP Public Policy Institute, the index assists community leaders, local policy makers and residents with identifying areas of priority for community development. Where We Live 2018 The award-winning Where We Live series from AARP highlights inspiring ideas and solutions from America’s local leaders to improve …

Please Vote, Maryland!

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Updated November 6, 2018 – PLEASE VOTE, MARYLAND! POLLS CLOSE AT 8 PM ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6. Did you know that only 40 percent of those aged 50+ who vote in presidential elections vote in the midterms? Help us change the ratio. Be the difference. VOTE on November 6!         10/25 Update: Early voting has begun in Maryland and continues through Thursday, November 1! For a list of early voting centers across the state, click here. 9/25 …

Join Team AARP at the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K!

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AARP Maryland is once again a sponsor of the exciting Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K, taking place on Sunday, June 24 at Baltimore’s Rash Field. Event details here; read below to find out how to get involved with Team AARP in 2018! AARP National Office staff and state office women near the Baltimore-area are encouraged to run or walk with Team AARP for the Mid-Atlantic’s largest all-women’s 5K. AARP Maryland will have a vendor space at the Finish Line Festival with information …

Licencia por enfermedad ganada en Maryland: las 5 mejores cosas que debe saber

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Más de 700,000 residentes de Maryland cuidan de sus padres, cónyuges y otros seres queridos mientras también asumen las responsabilidades de un empleo de medio tiempo o tiempo completo. Es por eso que AARP Maryland luchó por que se aprobara la nueva Ley de Familias Trabajadoras Saludables (Healthy Working Families Act), la cual les provee a las personas que cuidan de un ser querido, así como a muchos otros trabajadores de Maryland, el beneficio de una licencia por enfermedad y salida …

AARP MD is “On Tap” this Spring!

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Thanks to all who came out to our “spring flight” of AARP On Tap events! Look for several more coming this fall to a location near you…stay tuned! Want to give back in your community, learn a little about what AARP is doing locally and be rewarded with a beer on us? AARP is partnering with local food shelves and local breweries to make a difference where you live. For the price of a food donation, AARP will buy you …

Happy National Volunteer Week!

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The week of April 16-22 is National Volunteer Week. At AARP Maryland, we are incredibly lucky to work with more than 600 volunteers across the state to make life better for 50+ Marylanders and their families…all year long! Watch our “Thank You” video below, and then check out more about volunteering with AARP in Maryland. It’s fulfilling and fun!      

Fraud Expert Frank Abagnale in Maryland on June 15 (Updated with Links)

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  Update: thanks to all who came out to our exciting and informative event with Frank! If you missed it or would like to relive the day, watch Frank’s complete presentation on our YouTube page. You can also listen to a recording of our special Fraud Watch Network teletown hall with Frank on our Vekeo page. *** Everyone is at risk for falling victim to fraud and scams. Don’t miss AARP Fraud Watch Network Ambassador Frank Abagnale (the inspiration for …