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stealing xmas gifts
As the holiday season approaches, buyers should be aware of potential fraud situations and scams when they do their shopping.  AARP Cincinnati Associate State Director Nicole Ware has put together some helpful fraud watch tips so you can protect yourself and your loved ones this year.
First Aid Kit
Being prepared for an emergency means following some simple steps in advance so you can handle an emergency or disaster that comes your way. The safety of you and your family may depend upon you being ready!
As part of Veterans and Military Families Month and National Family Caregiving Month, AARP Cincinnati wants to recognize and support veterans by providing resources that will helpaid in their care.  Whether you are looking to help a loved one or want to give back to the veterans in your community, AARP Cincinnati has made several resources available so that you can help make a difference.  Read on to see what we have coming up this month!
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Nursing homes are beginning to resume in-person visitation as coronavirus restrictions relax across several states.  Currently, indoor visitation is allowed at Ohio nursing homes and assisted-living facilities as long as they follow certain health and safety requirements.  AARP Ohio wants to ensure that all precautions are being taken in response to this change. It is important to recognize that there will be new limitations on when, where, and for how long you can visit your loved one.  In Ohio, visitation requirements include a two-visitor limit for a maximum of 30 minutes and safety protocols such as social distancing and wearing face masks.
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