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Think you’re behind schedule on planning and saving for retirement? Don’t worry. No matter where you are today, AARP has simple tips and tools that can help you get or stay on track.
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Whether you're married, divorced or widowed, you may be able to use spousal benefits to increase your monthly Social Security check. Eligibility rules can be confusing. Register for AARP’s special webinar on Social Security and let us help you understand the details.
Find out more about this issue at AARP’s second in a series of free webinars.
Prescription Drugs
The average annual cost of therapy for one widely used brand-name prescription drug in 2017 was over 18 times higher than the cost of therapy for one generic drug, according to a new AARP Public Policy Institute (PPI) report released today. The cost for a generic medication used on a chronic basis averaged $365 per year. In contrast, the average annual cost for a brand-name prescription drug was $6,798.
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AARP is launching a new resume advice and professional writing service tailored to help older workers who are looking for new jobs or switching positions.
Retirement Savings #2
Nearly 1 in 3 people approaching retirement age (28%) think they’re more likely to learn Bigfoot is real than to save enough to retire comfortably, according to a recent survey from AARP and the Ad Council.
Scam Alert #2
New frauds and scams seem to crop up weekly.  Identity theft and other scams rob millions of Americans of their hard-earned money.  Last year alone, Americans lost $18 billion dollars to fraud and scams.  In fact, every two seconds, a con artist steals someone’s identity.
Behind closed doors, the drug companies are lobbying members of Congress to help boost their profits and stick seniors with higher drug costs.  Dick Chevrefils, AARP's Regional Volunteer Director for the East Region, thinks Congress needs to keep fighting for lower drug prices.  Here's what Chevrefils has to say:
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