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Does Your Toolbox Include Power of Attorney?

Posted on 07/23/2014 by | AARP Alaska | Comments

By Ken Helander Alaskans place a very high value on independence. In a land that is often challenging, we are proud to be self-sufficient and prepared for the unexpected. Oftentimes, being prepared can mean having the right tools to meet the challenge. However, the right tools are not always a hammer, chainsaw, shovel or an axe. Sometimes they’re legal tools that help a person get through other difficulties. Among the most important of these is the ability to delegate power …

Your Social Security and Your Retirement: Making a Plan that’s Right for You

Posted on 07/21/2014 by | AARP Alaska | Comments

What’s the best time to claim your Social Security benefits? Many have questions related to their benefits and AARP has lots of information to help. For starters, let the Social Security Calculator help you figure out how much retirement income you’ll receive at different claiming ages so you can determine when you should claim Social Security. Can you afford to “retire early” and claim benefits at age 62, should you wait until your full retirement age, or can you wait …

Caregiving by committee

Posted on 07/10/2014 by | AARP Alaska | Comments

By Ken Helander As Alaskans, we live up close and personal with our unique neighbors, the moose. They are huge animals and look rather awkward, even though they can move effortlessly through dense woods and deep snow. Nevertheless, they are a comical assemblage of body parts that don’t all seem to go together. The running joke is that a moose is a horse designed by a committee. This helps to illustrate something that can happen to families who become responsible …

Are you a veteran? Share your story

Posted on 06/30/2014 by | AARP Alaska | Comments

Congress created the Veterans History Project (VHP) in 2000 seeking to preserve and share the human experience from military service. The Veterans History Project is the largest oral-history collection in the United States. Originally funded by the U.S. Congress, AARP is the founding corporate sponsor of the Veterans History Project. The Project has collected more than 68,000 entries now archived in the Library of Congress. VHP is primarily an oral history program that collects and preserves the firsthand interviews of …

States move to support working family caregivers — added support will help Alaskans

Posted on 06/25/2014 by | AARP Alaska | Comments

By Lynn Friss Feinberg |AARP Public Policy Institute Juggling work and family caregiving responsibilities is stressful, even overwhelming, because most workplaces aren’t “caregiver friendly.” I hear this all the time from my friends and colleagues who care for aging parents. Public policies can help working caregivers better manage their responsibilities so that they don’t have to choose between work and family caregiving. One way states can help is by providing legal protections from employment discrimination due to caregiving status. States …

Two new twists in returning medical scam

Posted on 06/23/2014 by | AARP Alaska | Comments

by Sid Kirchheimer |AARP Blog Author | Remember those bogus offers for a free medical alert device? That robocall ripoff, which went viral last year, has returned with a vengeance — with two new twists. But don’t be fooled. It’s the same old scam that tries to get your credit or bank account information for supposed monitoring fees for the “free” device that never arrives. Provide that info and you risk identity theft. The latest twists: Some robocalls now also promise …