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Write your story and connections will happen

Posted on 09/8/2014 by | AARP Delaware | Comments

by Myrle Bowe, AARP Volunteer “But I can’t write,” you protest. Yes, you can—it’s like telling stories to your grandchildren. Grammar and punctuation are important here for clarity, not formal style. A memoir writing workshop is inspiration and social interaction, all beneficial to your personal well-being. Stories shared stimulate memories—laughter and fond remembrances as well as more somber times. Memoir groups extend social life and friendships outside the class itself, enriching lives in the process. “But my life hasn’t been …

America’s PrepareAthon! Campaign offers specific actions to prepare for a disaster

Posted on 09/8/2014 by | AARP Delaware | Comments

Would you be ready for an emergency?  A recent survey conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency found that nearly 70 percent of Americans have not participated in a preparedness drill or exercise, aside from a fire drill, at their workplace, school or home in the past two years.   Knowing what to do in the event of a disaster or emergency is the message of the America’s PrepareAthon!, a nationwide grassroots campaign for action to increase community preparedness and resilience through …

Set your Financial Course!

Posted on 08/13/2014 by | AARP Delaware | Comments

Do you want a secure retirement? Are you ready to achieve financial resilience as you venture into your next chapter of life? Then you might want to enjoy an AARP Financial Freedom workshop! AARP envisions an America where individuals have financial resilience. That means they have financial resources and opportunities to match their longer lifespan. Financial Freedom is designed to empower individuals and help people think about and actually develop short-term financial solutions to achieve long-term savings. Workshops conducted by …

Be an AARP Executive Council volunteer!

Posted on 07/3/2014 by | AARP Delaware | Comments

Do you enjoy working for a cause? Do you want to team up with other leaders to enhance the quality of life of Delawareans as they age? Then you might want to join AARP Delaware’s Executive Council. The Executive Council member is part of a team of leadership volunteers, who under the guidance of the State President and State Director carry out AARP’s strategic priorities in Delaware. You will have the opportunity to provide guidance and assistance to state office …

New Scorecard Reveals Delaware Rankings for Long Term Care

Posted on 06/19/2014 by | AARP Delaware | Comments

Delaware ranks 29th when it comes to meeting the long-term care needs of older residents, but AARP cautions more must be done, at an accelerated pace, to improve an individual’s choice of setting where they receive long term care. Delaware ranked toward the bottom in this area. Delaware also ranks in the bottom for Medicaid spending for community care. Despite increased Medicaid support for in-home care, Delaware still ranks 48th among all states. These findings are from a new, comprehensive …

Report finds pedestrians disproportionately killed and injured due to poor street design

Posted on 06/10/2014 by | AARP Delaware | Comments

In Delaware, from 2003 – 2012, 194 people were killed while walking. A new report, Dangerous by Design, Delaware 2014 ranks Delaware by major city and counties according to a Pedestrian Danger Index that assesses how safe pedestrians are while walking. In addition, the report presents data on pedestrian fatalities and injuries in every U.S. metro area. The report found that the majority of those deaths likely could have been prevented with better street design.  Adults 65 and over make up …