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AARP Delaware State President Speaks Out for Better Investment Advice

Posted on 07/29/2015 by | AARP Delaware | Comments

Delaware is home to a growing influx of people age 50-plus who want to enjoy their next chapter of life. They seek out the state’s beaches, great restaurants and a close proximity to major cities. They believe their futures are financially sound in the First State, and that they will have a high quality of life. But this burgeoning population has something to worry about – a loophole in the law that could be sapping up to 5 years’ worth …

Delaware Family Caregivers Provide $1,580 million in Unpaid Care According to AARP Study

Posted on 07/20/2015 by | AARP Delaware | Comments

Family caregivers in Delaware provided 114 million hours of care—worth an estimated $1,580 million —to their parents, spouses, partners, and other adult loved ones in 2013, according to AARP Public Policy Institute’s new report, Valuing the Invaluable: 2015 Update. The total estimated economic value of uncompensated care provided by the nation’s family caregivers surpassed total Medicaid spending ($449 billion), and nearly equaled the annual sales ($469 billion) of the four largest U.S. tech companies combined (Apple, Hewlett Packard, IBM, and …

Are Dating Sites Doing Enough to Stop Scammers?

Posted on 07/14/2015 by | AARP Delaware | Comments

It’s easy to blame the victim. But romance scams are big business, and its perpetrators have the playbook down pat. If you are a target, you will become their full-time job, 24/7 – until payday. They start by creating fake profiles on legitimate dating services. Then, once they make contact with their target, they immediately move the relationship off the site. Romance scammers take the long view building trust over months through an overwhelming flood of personal texts, emails, and phone …

Caregiver Support Blueprint for Delaware

Posted on 06/25/2015 by | AARP Delaware | Comments

The Caregiving Task Force, which was formed with the passage of AARP Model Resolution 57 during the 2014 legislative session, met its deadline and delivered its recommendations to Governor Markell and the House and Senate on May 29, 2015. Former State President and Caregiving volunteer Jeanne Nutter, Ph.D., served as co-chair on the task force to help drive the agenda and ensure better resources and policies for family caregivers. The task force spent many months assessing family caregiving in Delaware …

Delaware Scam Jam and Shred Event on July 11

Posted on 06/4/2015 by | AARP Delaware | Comments

Every 2 seconds, someone’s identity is stolen in America. Consumers also reported losing $1.7 billion to scams and frauds in 2014. That’s why AARP and the YMCA of Delaware are collaborating on a FREE SCAM JAM/SHRED EVENT on July 11, 2015. The event will arm you and your family with the tools you need to avoid current frauds and scams in Delaware. Get inside the mind of a con artist. Don’t be a victim. If you have old tax documents, …

Explore your “what’s next” with Life Reimagined

Posted on 04/17/2015 by | AARP Delaware | Comments

Are you on your path towards reimagining your life or beginning to think about your “what’s next?” Then the Life Reimagined Checkup is for you! Life Reimagined connects users with the tools, resources and inspiration necessary to help people reflect, evaluate priorities and take action to navigate transitions and new life phases. As a personal guidance system, Life Reimagined, an idea by AARP, encourages people to pursue their passions and live their lives to the fullest. Join AARP Delaware for …