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Living Longer, Living Smarter in Charlotte

Posted on 02/25/2015 by | AARP North Carolina | Comments

You’ve worked hard for a place to call home, a family, a job, and maybe a few extras.  Orchestrating so many life events for others can leave you with little time for yourself. Finding the time to focus on your future is particularly important for women, who generally have more years to cover in retirement with fewer resources. However, planning for your own tomorrow is vitally important: If you don’t plan for yourself, someone else will plan for you. But …

AARP Charlotte Volunteer Awards

Posted on 01/28/2015 by | AARP North Carolina | Comments

AARP North Carolina Awards Several Charlotte Volunteers for Their Commitment to Serving the 50+ Community in the Queen City   CHARLOTTE– AARP North Carolina recently presented awards to several local AARP volunteers for their commitment to making Charlotte a better place for all. Since AARP began a permanent presence in Charlotte in 2013, the AARP Charlotte Volunteer Network was recruited and developed. The Network is composed of dozens of volunteers from various backgrounds who all share a commitment to giving back to …

Charlotte Workshops for 50+

Posted on 01/28/2015 by | AARP North Carolina | Comments

AARP North Carolina has hit the ground running in 2015, with regular offerings on workshops in Charlotte aimed at helping people 50+. Life Reimagined The life you’ve dreamed of having is actually very possible. To make it real doesn’t require major tasks or grand gestures. It’s about making small and simple steps to help you figure out what you really want, and then starting to make that happen. Join us for a Life Reimagined Check Up and discover the real …

Work Reimagined in the Queen City

Posted on 08/14/2014 by | AARP North Carolina | Comments

CHARLOTTE – Unemployment is especially difficult for 50+ workers because they tend to stay jobless longer than younger workers. Many have not been on a job interview in many years and feel unprepared to compete for new jobs. And many do not just how important social media – such as LinkdIn – is to employers in finding new talent. That is why AARP is offering workshops specifically for older workers in the Queen City. AARP offers many resources to people …

Volunteering – Giving Back With Your Skills

Posted on 08/14/2014 by | AARP North Carolina | Comments

CHARLOTTE – One of the best gifts someone can give to their community is the skill set they have developed over their working career. Here in Charlotte, we have a network of volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds who have regular opportunities to give back to the community in meaningful ways. The AARP Charlotte Volunteer Network is currently developing new teams to work on specific initiatives that help people 50+ live their best lives ever. This includes leading …

Charlotte Safe Streets

Posted on 08/14/2014 by | AARP North Carolina | Comments

  CHARLOTTE – Is your neighborhood walkable? If you lost your mobility and could not drive, would you be able to connect to the services that you need? As the country’s population ages, the impact is felt at the community level. That is why creating livable communities is a top priority for AARP. And a livable community is one which accommodates people of all ages and abilities with safe streets and sidewalks so they can connect to the community. Last …