Chris Thomas

Just over 735,000 Washingtonians have no internet service. That's why AARP Washington is working with the state on “shovel-ready” projects to boost access to high-speed internet, especially in rural areas of the state.
Livable Drawing
From ride sharing to telehealth, funding focuses on community needs during COVID.
Persona sale de un centro de votación en ausencia.
Las papeletas de voto en ausencia sin justificación permiten que cualquier votante inscrito vote de manera segura desde su hogar.
A man walks out of an absentee voting station after voting
No-excuse absentee ballots allow any registered voter to safely vote from home.
Eligibility for a property tax exemption is now determined by each county’s median income.
Mom sitting with her toddler daughter on her lap in the kitchen
The Legislature may consider bills that would allow drug importation from Canada and set stricter price transparency rules for pharmaceutical companies.
Challenge Grant Pike Place 5.jpg
Undergoing a livability audit helped with improvements such as better signage and walkways.
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