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Leah Garloff

As temperatures climbed to record levels last week, it reminded some Pennsylvanians of weather conditions in spring of 1979 and a very dramatic incident that impacted hundreds of thousands of lives. March 28, 1979 was a very hot day, with temperatures in the upper 80’s, when a nuclear reactor at the Three Mile Island power plant along the Susquehanna River experienced a partial meltdown. The accident changed the perception of nuclear energy for many in the United States, as concerns were raised about the potential of further accidents, the disposal of nuclear waste, and the costs of safely maintaining the power plants.
In the weeks leading up to February 7, when Governor Wolf will present his budget plan, there has been much discussion on how legislators will approve a new budget while dealing with Pennsylvania’s looming budget difficulties. In fact, the Independent Fiscal Office estimates that the Commonwealth faces a deficit of close to $600 million between now and the end of June.
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