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South Carolina has the nation’s sixth-highest prevalence of diabetes—affecting more than 1 in 4 over age 65. AARP South Carolina supports an ambitious new group Diabetes Free SC that focuses on prevention and healthy living.
During the pandemic, AARP South Carolina has adapted its outreach to its 180,000 older vets with drive-through Stand Downs and the Virtual Veterans Brigade. The program shares information and free AARP resources to support veterans in the areas of caregiving, avoiding fraud, transitioning to jobs, and connecting vets and military families to benefits.
From food bank deliveries, to ride sharing, to emailing state legislators, AARP South Carolina volunteers adapt and continue their service.
A woman stands in her backyard
AARP priorities in 2021 include expanded visitation (in person and virtual) in nursing homes, better reporting on conditions and the need for Medicaid expansion to improve access to care for low-income residents.
Persona sale de un centro de votación en ausencia.
Oklahoma está tomando medidas para ayudar a sus residentes a votar de manera segura desde sus hogares o en los centros de votación.
Persona sale de un centro de votación en ausencia.
Es más difícil ejercer la votación de manera segura durante la pandemia que en otros estados.
A man walks out of an absentee voting station after voting
Find out how to vote safely from home or at the polls and meet the candidates
A man walks out of an absentee voting station after voting
It's harder to vote easily and safely during the pandemic than in other states
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AARP South Carolina's Social Justice Projects includes support for a new African American history museum set to open in Charleston late next year.
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South Carolina comes in last for retirement savings. Work and Save would allow private-sector workers have a way to put money aside with auto-deductions.
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