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Rafael is Manager of Communications for AARP Texas.
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A federal law enacted this year is bringing hope to a city battered by the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on public health and access to affordable housing, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said Monday during an AARP-sponsored telephone town hall.
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More than 1.3 million Texans ages 50-64 may qualify for premium tax credits and in some cases pay as little as zero on their premiums or save up to thousands per year through a special enrollment in the Affordable Care Act.
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The state's top health authority reassured callers during an AARP Texas tele-town hall on Tuesday, Jan. 26, that the COVID vaccines distributed in Texas are safe and highly effective but urged patience in getting them into the arms of its people.
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Si no ha completado el Censo del 2020, no está sola. Se estima que cuatro de cada diez personas aún no han completado el censo. Llenar el censo influencia como sus dólares de impuestos se gastan durante los próximos diez años. Los dólares del censo se utilizan para unos 100 programas que ayudan a que su comunidad sea excelente. Por cada persona que no se cuenta, le cuesta a su comunidad decenas de miles de dólares.
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Fake investments and medical equipment, phony retirement plans, precious metal scams --these are but a few of the fraudulent schemes the Texas State Securities Board has been grappling with lately, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Being anxious is a perfectly understandable reaction to our rapidly changing environment during the pandemic, and coping starts with normalizing these feelings and accepting them, says Dr. Andy Keller, a clinical psychologist and president and CEO of the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute.
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“It’s okay not to be okay,” says Erin Perez, a palliative care nurse practitioner from San Antonio and a guest in AARP’s new Facebook Live series on May 19. “Anxiety comes from the fear of the unknown, but there are things we can control during these uncertain times.”
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Concerns raised about future reliance on public assistance programs
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Concerns raised about future reliance on public assistance programs
Triple-digit temperatures and notoriously busy Dallas-Fort Worth traffic were no match for 1,074 citizens who attended an evening event featuring Frank W. Abagnale at the Eisemann Center in Richardson on August 15, sponsored by AARP.
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