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Since the pandemic began, nearly 60,000 people living and working in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities have died from the coronavirus. 
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Bienvenidos al programa inaugural de ¿Sabes Qué?... con AARP, donde platicaremos sobre un número de temas de importancia para los hispanos y especialmente para las personas mayores de 50 años de edad. Rafael Ayuso, Director de Comunicaciones de AARP en Texas, es su presentador.
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As the pandemic stretches on, the prolonged isolation, financial uncertainty, and fears about the coronavirus may harm your mental health.  Some people are feeling the strain in the form of depression, anxiety, and insomnia.  How do you handle these feelings and any specific mental health challenges during this stressful time?
To say the pandemic changed our lives is a major understatement. Many lost their jobs and that is causing major hardships. Paying utilities and even buying food has become concerning to a lot of Texans including the most vulnerable populations. In response, AARP Texas has donated nearly $18,000 to support food banks across the Lone Star State.
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Preparing for possible storms with valuable information
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Tai Chi can help increase your energy and your sense of well-being, and that is important in this day of COVID-19. To keep you safe and healthy, we are offering online Tai Chi classes you can take at home.
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COVID-19 has changed our daily routines. It is affecting the way we dine out, exercise, and shop. When it comes to grocery shopping, which is a necessity, what can we do to stay safe? Do I leave non-perishable items outside for 24-hours? Do I wipe down food containers and then wipe down the kitchen counter where I placed the bags? And what about produce? What is the safety protocol I need to follow when unpacking those items?
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The words “social isolation” has taken on a whole new feeling… yes, I said feeling. Sure, we know it means to isolate yourself, but for many, it has taken on a feeling as well. Some of us are feeling anxious, sad, and uneasy. Many of us have turned those feelings into an opportunity to channel our inner Julia Child, Rachel Ray, Gordon Ramsey, Aaron Sanchez, or Eddie Huang.
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Social distancing is a phrase we’re all too familiar with today and part of our new normal in this time of Covid-19. As we socially distance ourselves to prevent spreading the virus, you should look for ways to avoid loneliness without risking our health.
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Seems like every day we are hearing something new about the Coronavirus or Covid-19. The only consistent message is that major steps are being taken during the illness' outbreak to inform and protect older Americans and their families.
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