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Juanita Jiménez-Soto

Reportes revela que los afroamericanos e hispanas mayores son más propensas a sufrir deterioro cognitivo.
When it comes to out-of-this-world community commitment, it doesn’t get any better than AARP Houston and the World Champion Houston Astros. Thousands of fans saw that firsthand during this year’s Hispanic Heritage Weekend at Minute Maid Park. AARP Houston volunteers and staff were in full force during the three-day event, September 22, 23, and 24, which gave fans a taste of who AARP is and why we do what we do.
Votar no es sólo un privilegio, sino también nuestro derecho. Nos da el poder de decidir cómo será nuestro futuro. En AARP Houston hemos reunido la información electoral local más actualizada para asegurarnos de que usted esté informado y que las voces de los votantes mayores de 50 años se escuchen el 9 de diciembre.
AARP Texas is in your community and advocating for what matters most to Texans aged 50+ and their families. We are committed to serving all and empowering people to choose how they live as they age, with a focus on health security, financial resilience, and social connection. We are the nation's largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with nearly 38 million members with, 2.2 million being Texan.
When it comes to fraud prevention awareness, a new AARP report shows most Americans — including 81% of those ages 50 and older — believe scams and fraud have reached a crisis level. That same report indicates a good number of consumers get a D in fraud awareness. While Americans are aware of fraud's pervasiveness, they remain vulnerable. The best way to beat scammers at their own game, according to the report, is to share what we know about scams with others.
Sabia que los strokes o derrames cerebral son la quinta causa principal de muerte entre las mujeres en los Estados Unidos… y la cuarta entre las mujeres hispanas?
En esta edición de nuestro Podcast Sabes Que con AARP, vamos a hablar de un tema que no se discute mucho en la cultura hispana… estoy hablando de la menopausia. Unos reportes indican que las mujeres hispanas llegan a la menopausia dos años antes de la edad promedio.
The 2023 hurricane season begins June 1 and ends November 30, but already predictions are it will be an "above average" season. Colorado State University's annual outlook calls for 13 named storms and six hurricanes. Two of those hurricanes are predicted to be major. Despite that, they say this will be a “slightly below-normal” Atlantic hurricane season.
Hablar del final de la vida puede ser difícil para cualquiera persona. En la comunidad hispana, hablar del duelo puede ser un proceso muy solitario.
¿Sabía que cuando uno está inmerso en el dolor del duelo, podría ser difícil hacer cosas, hasta desempeñar tareas sencillas?
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