Grandparents play a huge role in grandchildren’s lives, and it's
A new study finds that Kentucky ranks near the bottom among states—47th overall—in long-term care services for older residents.  
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New AARP Dashboard shows Kentucky among 12 states with exponential surge of COVID-19 infections among its nursing home residents.
Conversation is always good medicine. Guest speakers from Bluegrass Care Navigators will share their experience for caregivers and their loved ones.
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Two new laws, backed by AARP, will help family caregivers navigate the legal system and bolster protections for their loved ones.
AARP delivers its 5-Point Plan to Congress and urges immediate action to address COVID-19 Crisis in Nursing Homes
Supported by local AARP Grant, ACT Ministries and Lexington volunteers fight hunger during COVID-19 pandemic
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Working with the University of Louisville’s Trager Institute, AARP Kentucky is bringing you a series of 1-hour virtual presentations on family caregiving. The series will cover:
Do you know ways to help keep your aging loved ones from losing money to scams and fraud? We’ll share important information that could help you keep them safe during our free webinar.
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