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Pets are a lifeline for social interaction during the pandemic. But the uptick in time spent with our pets is a disruption to their schedules.
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In this time of COVID-19, social isolation, and uncertainty, your brain health may be at risk. As a caregiver, the level of anxiety you may be experiencing could be at an all-time high. Audette Rackley, head of special programs at the Center for BrainHealth in Dallas, shared some brain-boosting tips on the AARP Texas Prepare to Care Podcast. She also offered up some advice on juggling multi-generational caregiving duties.
The COVID-19 outbreak has taken an emotional toll on everyone including caregivers. It is important to help family caregivers keep themselves and those around them safe, happy, and healthy. AARP in Texas knows the value caregivers bring to all our communities which is why we work feverishly to provide practical resources and up to the minute information to keep them safe.
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This week’s ‘Prepare to Care’ podcast addresses two different topics that impact us all during these difficult times: scammers and caregivers. To give older Americans the tips, information, and resources they need during the COVID-19 outbreak we are referring to scam experts and caregiving specialists.
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With the economic downturn and the temporary closure of many places that serve group meals to older adults, the coronavirus pandemic is making food even harder to access for many.
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In downtown Austin, a hopeful message can be seen on a movie theater marquee. It reads: “IN ORDER FOR US TO BE ALL TOGETHER, FOR NOW WE MUST REMAIN APART.”
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The winter holiday season may be the most wonderful time of the year, but don’t let the festivities distract you from con artists, fraudsters and holiday scams.
For Texans who are blind or have disabilities preventing them from reading standard print, a nearly 90-year-old statewide library service remains a vital resource and a tool to help many older adults maintain their independence.
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