AARP Florida urges Constitutional Revision Commission to Place Ban on Utility Advance Cost Recovery before Florida Voters

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017 CONTACT:  Dave Bruns, 850.577.5161 Tallahassee, Fla. — AARP Florida, with 2.8 million members in the Sunshine State, has asked the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) to place a proposed constitutional ban on utility-company advance cost recovery initiatives before Florida voters in the 2018 election. Once every 20 years, the CRC is allowed to place proposed constitutional amendments on the statewide ballot for voters’ consideration. Now, AARP is calling upon Floridians to join the …

Tallahassee Slow Roll Boomer Bike Ride

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Join AARP Tallahassee and the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department for the Slow Roll Boomer Bike Ride through downtown Tallahassee. The ride begins at Anita Favors Thompson Plaza traveling through the west side of Cascades Park up Franklin Street to the Smokey Hollow Memorial, the loops around the east Cascade with a stop at the Florida prime meridian marker (and county map of Florida) back to Thompson Plaza. Event information: When: Saturday, Oct. 28 @ 9:30 am Registration: The even is …

For Florida’s Nursing Homes, We Need a Diagnosis and Cure

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By Jeff Johnson (This op-ed originally appeared in the Sept. 16 issue of the Sun Sentinel) Still struggling with Irma’s aftermath, Floridians were stunned by news Wednesday that eight frail elders died from heat-related causes after a Hollywood, Fla., nursing home lost its air conditioning.  A hospital with functioning air conditioning was across the street. A criminal investigation is now under way into the deaths at the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills, but initial reports seem to indicate that miscommunication …

Hurricane Recovery: Do Not Sign Over ‘Assignment of Benefits’

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UPDATED: Sept. 12, 2017 (Original post Sept. 15, 2016) TALLAHASSEE – Homeowners beware! Unscrupulous contractors are conning residents into surrendering their home insurance policy claim rights and benefits. In the wake of Hurricane Irma, these instances are sure to grow. Here’s how it works: 1) You get a contractor to agree to repair your home damage. 2) The dishonest contractor convinces you to transfer an Assignment of Benefit agreement in the contractor’s name. 3) The contractor then uses this to …

AARP Florida State Director Receives Top Honor in Field of Aging at Florida Council on Aging 2017 Annual Conference

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017 CONTACT:   Dave Bruns, 850.228.2759 ST PETERSBURG, Fla. – AARP Florida State Director Jeff Johnson today received a top honor from Florida’s largest aging-service organization, the Florida Council on Aging, at the council’s annual conference in Orlando. Johnson received the Dr. Carter Osterbind Outstanding FCOA Member award, named for a founder and former president of FCOA.  The award recognizes a Florida Council on Aging member whose actions reflect a high level of personal …

New Scam Targets 50-plus Floridians with Fake ‘AARP’ Electronic Medical-Alert Gimmick

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A Florida AARP member has alerted the association to a new scam, in which a door-to-door sales representative pretending to be from AARP visited a Sunshine State manufactured-home park selling an electronic “medical alert system.” “AARP does not send salespeople to your door to sell electronic medical-alert systems or anything else,” said Jeff Johnson, AARP Florida state director. “If you encounter this scam artist, slam the door in his face. It’s a rip-off.” This week, AARP received an email from …

New Scam Targets Your Social Security Benefit

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Floridians, do you collect Social Security? A new scam is targeting YOU. How It Works: A scammer calls from a 323 area code, posing as a Social Security Administration (SSA) employee. In some instances, the scammer tells the victim he or she is due a cost-of-living adjustment increase in their Social Security benefit. The caller then tries to get the victim to “verify” their Social Security number, name, date of birth, parents’ name and other personal information.If the scammer succeeds, …

Beware of ‘Free Money from the Government’ Grant Scam

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The federal government grant scam has been around for years. But now, scammers are finding targets through social media. How It Works: You see posts from people on Facebook claiming they have been awarded tens of thousands of dollars in a grant from the federal government, and that you could be eligible, too. You call the listed phone number, give some personal information, and are told you qualify—all you have to do is send a money order or provide your …

IRS Imposters Don’t Take Summer Break

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Fellow Floridians, IRS imposters are at their old game—but with a new twist. The IRS reports that this current scam is being reported across the country. How It Works: Scammers call taxpayers to claim the IRS has already mailed them two certified letters about an outstanding tax bill, but the letters were returned as undeliverable. The scammer threatens immediate arrest unless the tax bill is paid using a prepaid debit card. The scammer falsely contends that the prepaid debit card …

Pinellas County – An AARP Age-Friendly Community

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April 2017 Meet Pinellas County County application for the Age-Friendly Network Pinellas County Board of Commissioners letter