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Yōkai (pronounced yo-kai) represent spooky and otherworldly phenomena in Japanese folklore. They are everything from eerie sounds in the night to fantastical beasts.
American football ball
With high schools and colleges about to kick off their football seasons, it’s time for fans to add new dishes to their tailgating playbooks, with two virtual cooking classes hosted by AARP in Houston. 
AARP Texas is working to help make communities safer for pedestrians of all ages with a new educational program. 
Learn new ways to whip up tasty meals with cooking classes, presented by AARP in Houston, that feature prickly pear and a nutritious ancient grain.
Senior man reading newspaper on park bench, Boston, Massachusetts
AARP is partnering with Dallas-based nonprofit Better Block Foundation to offer online blueprints for public structures specifically designed for older adults.  
AARP in Houston, joined by other organizations, will host a series of video events throughout Women’s History Month, in March, that seek to explore themes relevant to them. 
Senior Hispanic woman knitting with adult daughter
AARP Texas is continuing to support caregivers and their loved ones, providing them with useful information via two podcasts, the English-language Prepare to Care and the Spanish-language ¿Sabes Qué? con AARP. 
family caregiving
As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, AARP in Houston has two new podcasts focusing on health care choices and caregiving resources for the Latino community.
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Though rising COVID-19 vaccination rates have spurred some communities to reopen, many older adults continue to suffer from social isolation resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.
Mature students learning computer skills
AARP has teamed up with the Graduate! Network to let older Texans know that it is never too late to return to school. 
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