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What makes a city walkable? Free event teaches elements of a livable community.

Posted on 07/17/2014 by | AARP Iowa | Comments

What happens when we design the human habitat to take walking out of daily life? Over 35% of Americans are now clinically obese. That’s partly because of diet, but also because cities are now designed for cars. Interested in learning how to build healthier neighborhoods? Join leaders from AARP, Healthy Polk 2020, the City of Des Moines, and the Greater Des Moines Age Friendly Cities Initiative for a presentation by national walkability expert Dan Burden. What: Building a Walkable and Livable …

From the Livable Communities Intern: A Baking Lesson I will Never Forget

Posted on 07/8/2014 by | AARP Iowa | Comments

I’ve never been a huge fan of fruit pies, but my grandma makes the best apple pie in the universe. Its taste hasn’t changed from how I remember it as a child, and it may be the origin of my love for cinnamon. It’s the apple pie to which I compare all others. This year on July 4th, I asked my grandma to show me how she makes it. Some recipes stay in a family for decades without ever being …

From the Livable Communities Intern: Listening to the Voice of Des Moines

Posted on 07/5/2014 by | AARP Iowa | Comments

Downpours, flooding, and the constant threat of a storm wasn’t enough to keep art lovers away from this year’s Des Moines Arts Festival. I attended the fest early this year, donning my AARP shirt on Friday morning to man the booth at opening. Alongside an AARP volunteer named Jan, I helped distributed Fraud Watch information and lead a Milagros craft activity that allowed children to carve designs into colorful squares of aluminum tooling. This event was also the debut of AARP’s “Listening Post”, a …

New “Better Choices, Better Health” Classes Offered in Central Iowa

Posted on 07/3/2014 by | AARP Iowa | Comments

Looking for help to better manage a chronic condition or for additional support to help you better assist someone who is dealing with chronic health issues? Mercy Medical Center is offering a series of free, six-week “Better Choices, Better Health” workshops starting the week of July 7th in Ankeny, Adel and Des Moines. Participants learn techniques to better manage conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, depression, arthritis, cancer, COPD and many more.  The program uses a proven curriculum developed by …

Tony Vola: Iowa’s older workers deserve respect and protection

Posted on 06/30/2014 by | AARP Iowa | Comments

In his June 16 guest opinion for the Press-Citizen, heaping praise on the U.S. Supreme Court’s Gross decision on age discrimination and his role in it, Frank Harty misrepresents the law and fails to show an understanding of the harsh impact of this ruling on people’s lives. The Gross decision represented a drastic and damaging change in employment discrimination law. For decades before Gross, a worker had to show that age was one motivating factor in an adverse employment decision. …

From the Livable Communities Intern: A New Way to Run

Posted on 06/24/2014 by | AARP Iowa | Comments

This summer, I can add “running coach” to my resume. I love to run, and since attending graduate school, running has served a new purpose for me. It is my meditation, my break from studying, and the fastest way to get a good workout into my busy schedule. Training for races has been a large stabilizing function of my life and helped lay out attainable goals to work toward. Plus, it’s fun to do in groups! I knew two things …