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Opening Doors to Healthy Housing

Posted on 07/6/2015 by | AARP California | Comments

Written By Anita Creamer A house is not just a home: Affordable housing also represents health and wellbeing, especially for the vast majority of older adults who want to remain in the houses and communities they’ve loved for decades. But when costs in California’s increasingly pricey housing markets become too steep, older adults can find themselves trying to stretch fixed incomes to cover food, medical care and prescriptions as well as housing. In a real way, housing can make residents …

Navigating the Transportation Transition

Posted on 06/4/2015 by | AARP California | Comments

Written by Anita Creamer Even amid the California sprawl, an age-friendly community embraces the importance of transportation in maintaining quality of life for people of all ages including older adults, who may have restricted driver’s licenses or may simply not be comfortable behind the wheel any longer. After all, a driver’s license means independence to American adults. It means easy access to services and activities. More than that, it means maintaining rich connections with others. “And losing your driving ability …

La Planificación Creativa, Conduce a Calles Más Seguras, Más Acogedoras

Posted on 05/14/2015 by | AARP California | Comments

Por Anita Creamer Aún en California, donde el coche durante mucho tiempo ha sido considerado como rey, el paisaje de habitabilidad y comunidades amigables con las personas mayores debería ser amigable, seguro y acogedor para las personas de todas las edades. Después de todo, el tipo de aceras, calles y espacios al aire libre que fácilmente acomodan a padres jóvenes con cochecitos también funcionan bien para los ciclistas, los abuelos que utilizan andadores y para las personas en sillas de …

Creative Planning Leads to Safer, More Inviting Streets

Posted on 05/7/2015 by | AARP California | Comments

Written by Anita Creamer Even in California, where the car has long been considered king, the streetscape of livable and age-friendly communities should be friendly, safe and inviting to people of all ages. After all, the kinds of sidewalks, streets and outdoor spaces that easily accommodate young parents with strollers also work well for bicyclists, grandparents pushing walkers and people using wheelchairs.Across the state, efforts are underway to make safe, accessible streets and sidewalks a reality. And for good reason: …

Los Angeles Invests Over $1 Billion to Fix Sidewalks

Posted on 04/10/2015 by | AARP California | Comments

Guest Blog by Jessica Meaney, Managing Director of Investing in Place After several years of litigation the City of Los Angeles agreed to fix the city’s broken sidewalks and ensure accessibility and safety for all. This legal agreement represents the largest disability payout in the country. The settlement calls for a citywide sidewalk repair plan and spending over $1 billion in funds to fix and improve sidewalks throughout the city (see LA Times and Legal Aid Society coverage and analysis). …

AARP Presents Donations for Earthquake Recovery

Posted on 01/23/2015 by | AARP California | Comments

AARP donated $35,000 to assist with efforts to rebuild following the American Canyon earthquake in August. California Executive Council member Larry Saxxon presented a contribution of $25,000 to Director Terence P. Mulligan with Napa Valley Community Foundation and $10,000 to Executive Director Elizabeth Hoffman with Rebuilding Together Solano County. The funds are being dedicated to long-term recovery assistance after a magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit Sonoma and Solano counties in Northern California on Sunday, August 24 – the largest earthquake to …