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Jennifer Millea


Jennifer Millea is the Associate State Director for Communications at AARP in Connecticut. She joined AARP in 2008 and has more than 20 years of experience in Government, Communications and Public Relations. She resides with her husband and daughter in Coventry, CT.

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Attend a Life Reimagined Checkup in Connecticut

Posted on 10/12/2015 by | AARP Connecticut | Comments

From the college years through the golden years, Americans today are moving through life differently than ever before.  We’re living longer, but we’re not just riding off into the sunset.  We’re enjoying a new, transitional life-phase – one filled with possibilities and new beginnings.  Life Reimagined, an idea from AARP, is a new way of thinking about what’s next in your life.  Developed by a team of leading professionals, and backed up by years of research, Life Reimagined introduces a …

AARP Applauds PURA Ruling on Variable Electric Rates

Posted on 09/30/2015 by | AARP Connecticut | Comments

AARP today applauded a decision by the state’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) in docket 15-06-15 that reaffirms the State’s ban on variable rate electric contracts and further protects customers when their fixed-rate term expires. In their decision, PURA agreed with AARP in determining that when a customer’s fixed-price period with a third party electric supplier expires, the supplier cannot begin charging the customer a rate that can change on a monthly basis and must offer a rate that is …

AARP, Quinnipiac University Scam Jam on November 2

Posted on 09/29/2015 by | AARP Connecticut | Comments

AARP Connecticut and Quinnipiac University will host a free Scam Jam on Monday, Nov. 2, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at the University’s Mount Carmel Auditorium, 275 Mount Carmel Ave. in Hamden, CT.  Sponsored by the AARP Fraud Watch Network, Scam Jam is your opportunity to get inside the mind of a con artist and learn how to protect yourself and your family from common types of fraud and scams happening right in Connecticut. You’ll hear from professionals in law enforcement, cyber …

New Help for CT Family Caregivers Begins October 1

Posted on 09/29/2015 by | AARP Connecticut | Comments

Jean, a former real estate planner from Old Saybrook, CT, was looking forward to retirement with thoughts of travel and more free time to do the things she loved. Her life changed dramatically, but not as she expected, several years ago when her mother suffered a massive heart attack. Jean was told by hospital staff to “say goodbye,” but her mother rallied. After being discharged home, Mom was living independently again. However, the ordeal had left her considerably weaker and …

AARP Driver Safety Seeks New Volunteer Instructors

Posted on 09/17/2015 by | AARP Connecticut | Comments

AARP Driver Safety is actively seeking volunteers in Connecticut to instruct their Smart Driver Course.  There is a special need in eastern Connecticut in Windham and New London counties. However, all areas of the state need volunteer instructors. Through the AARP Smart Driver Course, participants learn proven safety tips, defensive driving strategies, and how to accommodate for common age-related changes in vision, hearing and reaction time as well as a minimum 5% insurance discount every two years for Connecticut residents. …

AARP Fraud Watch Network Aims to Beat Cons at Their Own Game

Posted on 09/17/2015 by | AARP Connecticut | Comments

The AARP Fraud Watch Network is borrowing a favorite tactic of con artists in an attempt to beat cons at their own game.  AARP Fraud Watch Network staff and volunteers operated their own telemarketing boiler room as part of a regional Fraud Watch Action Day on September 17 in Boston, MA. But instead of hearing from crooks, local residents received tips and information on how to protect themselves from two leading “imposter scams” hitting thousands of residents in Connecticut and …