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Seth Boffeli is the Communications Director for AARP Minnesota. He is responsible for media inquiries, public speaking and public events. He has over 15 years of communications experience with a specific background in health and health care policy. Contact Seth at

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Landline Phone Service Under Attack at the Capitol

Posted on 03/4/2015 by | AARP Minnesota | Comments

The legislature is considering multiple telecommunications proposals that could have a drastic impact on how nearly 2 million Minnesotans receive phone service.  Senate File 736 and House File 1066 both seek to deregulate telecommunications companies in Minnesota, which would likely result in the loss of affordable, reliable phone service for seniors, low income families and those living in rural parts of the state.  Despite claims that landlines are dated technology, 1.3 million Minnesota households – serving approximately 2 million consumers …

Movies for Grown Ups Re-views Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Posted on 02/23/2015 by | AARP Minnesota | Comments

Join us on Tuesday, March 3, 2015 from 7 to 10 pm at the Theaters at Mall of America for a free screening of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. This exclusive event for AARP members is a chance to relax and enjoy a romantic comedy about seven retirees, who end up at India’s idea of the perfect retirement resort-except the resort isn’t quite ready when they arrive. The movie unfolds into an unexpected adventure of life and love. The movie …

Minnesota Lawmakers Honored as “Capitol Caregivers”

Posted on 02/5/2015 by | AARP Minnesota | Comments

Four Minnesota legislators were honored by AARP recently for their work to support Minnesota family caregivers in 2014. Senators Sandy Pappas and Kathy Sheran and Representatives Carly Melin and Dan Schoen were named “Capitol Caregivers” by AARP Minnesota.  The legislators are part of a bipartisan group of 46state legislators and 3 governors from 19 states who were recognized. These elected officials have advanced policies to help family caregivers who are making it possible for older Americans to live independently at …


Posted on 02/3/2015 by | AARP Minnesota | Comments

AARP State Director Will Phillips and Volunteer State President Jim Scheibel announced a new team of Executive Council members today. Executive Council members will advise the AARP Minnesota state office and serve as ambassadors for various AARP initiatives. On behalf of its more than 652,000 members AARP Minnesota is focused on; supporting family caregivers, increasing financial security, fighting fraud, helping people connect with their passions and ensuring that Minnesota communities are prepared to support an aging population. “Minnesota is lucky …

Support Family Caregivers with the CARE Act

Posted on 02/1/2015 by | AARP Minnesota | Comments

The vast majority of older Americans want to live independently at home. In order to do so, they often rely exclusively on unpaid family caregivers for help. In Minnesota, more than 670,000 family caregivers are helping their loved ones live independently – keeping them in their homes and out of costly institutions, such as nursing homes. These unsung heroes provide unpaid care valued at about $8.2 billion annually. As a state Minnesota can and should do more to support our …

Scam Alert: Tax Scams are Trending

Posted on 01/26/2015 by | AARP Minnesota | Comments

Fraud targeting taxpayers continues to run rampant nationwide. Watch out for these two tax crimes making headlines: tax identity theft and the IRS imposter scam. Tax ID Theft What is it? Your personal information is stolen for a fraudulent refund. More specifically, tax identity theft can involve: filing a tax return using another person’s Social Security number, claiming someone else’s children as dependents, or claiming a tax refund using a deceased taxpayer’s information. Your personal information can be stolen in …