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If you find thoughts of wills and estate planning overwhelming, you’re not alone. AARP New York is here to demystify the process with its popular series of workshops on legal paperwork.
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In May, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) signed an AARP-backed law that reinstated a moratorium on utility shutoffs and extended it until 180 days after the end of New York’s COVID-19 state of emergency or Dec. 31, whichever is earlier. It covers water, gas and electric utilities, as well as phone, cable and high-speed internet services.
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AARP is collaborating with the IndoRican Multicultural Dance Project, a New York City–based group, to promote a series of online classes. 
New York City voters will use ranked-choice balloting for the first time in a citywide election when they select mayoral candidates in the Tuesday, June 22, primary.
Prescription Drugs
Name-brand drug companies frequently enter into agreements with producers of generic versions to delay the introduction of the less expensive form. This practice has long drawn criticism from the federal government and patient advocates, who say such deals hurt consumers, who may skip meds to save money.
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AARP New York advocates to increase funding to the New York State Office of Aging.
On the go
AARP New York advocates for the repeal of nursing home immunity for coronavirus-related care. Also urges improvements to staffing, visitation, testing, and equipment for long-term care facilities.
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Las opciones de voto en ausencia no están claras para las elecciones generales.
Voters will be able to request absentee ballots to vote safely from home
State News: NY Telehealth: 59225 -COVID-19
Many New Yorkers are using telemedicine for the first time. The pandemic, however, has underscored the state's disparities with access to health care and broadband internet service, especially in rural areas.
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