65 Shades of Silver: Living Life…Sassy, Suave and Satisfied

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Let’s flip the script on aging. Join AARP in Savannah for 65 Shades of Silver: Living Life…Sassy, Suave and Satisfied on Friday, October 13th. A dynamic line up of speakers will focus on three core areas – health, wealth and self – and will provide tips and tools for those who are refocusing and reinventing themselves as they age. People of all ages are invited to attend to enjoy inspiring conversation, good food, fashion, music and fun! The event is …

AARP to host Atlanta Mayoral Forum

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Election Day is November 7th – Be sure to vote! You deserve to know where the Atlanta Mayoral candidates stand on issues that are important to our great city, like housing, transportation and economic development. AARP is committed to ensuring you get the information you need before heading to the polls on Election Day. The Georgia Voter Coalition will host a Mayoral Candidate Forum for the top candidates in the Atlanta mayoral race on Wednesday, October 11th.  The Coalition consists …

Supporting Entrepreneurs in the Peach State

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Hazel Whitt needed a boost. Unable to work due to an injury, Hazel was feeling a bit down on her luck. After a career as a health inspector, this grandmother of two from Austell found herself searching for her “what’s next”. While attending services at Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral in Austell, Hazel learned about the Bronner Business Institute and their NxLevel business training course designed to equip people with the fundamentals of business and business development. The 4-month …

AARP North Carolina Responds to Senate Healthcare Bill

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Statement from AARP North Carolina State Director Doug Dickerson in reaction to the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017: “AARP North Carolina is urging Senators Burr and Tillis to oppose the proposed Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017.  The design of the plan will most surely result in higher health care costs for adults younger than 65 while providing for less healthcare coverage, and do nothing to rein in escalating costs of prescription drugs. It also undermines the recent advances …

Find out where the candidates stand

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AARP Georgia is committed to ensuring that voters have the information they need to make informed decisions on Election Day. With Congress considering legislation that could significantly affect healthcare access for its members, AARP Georgia will sponsor the digital debate coverage and post-debate analysis of the June 6th Congressional District debate between Karen Handel (R) and Jon Ossoff (D) on Channel 2 WSB-TV. “The nation’s eyes are on Georgia’s 6th District, and voters deserve to know where the candidates stand …

Ride the Bus with AARP in Indianapolis!

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  Mass transit is a critical piece of the community puzzle in Indianapolis.  Reliable bus service means that your friends and neighbors can get to their jobs, that your parents and grandparents can get to doctor’s appointments and the grocery store,  and that members of the community can access shopping centers and businesses – all of which contributes to the economic strength of our city.  AARP fully supports the Marion County Transit Plan – a plan that will provide additional …

Join AARP for a Health & Safety Fair in Carmi!

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AARP Illinois is passionate about helping the 50+ connect with new and Real Possibilities to live life to the fullest.  That’s why we’re working all across Illinois to make life better for you and your family.  Come get to know us at the Phoenix Rehab and Nursing Care Center Health & Safety Fair and see how we’re making a difference in our community Speakers at the event will include representatives from the Carmi Fire and Police Departments, and AARP.  Free …

AARP Pushes for Passage of CARE Act in Illinois

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Being a family caregiver is a major responsibility – a responsibility that over 2.4 million Illinoisans have unselfishly taken on to help ensure that their loved ones can live independently at home and avoid costly institutional settings.  AARP Illinois is advocating for the passage of a state law that will help give these family caregivers the resources and training they need to be able to continue to care for their loved ones following a hospital stay. The CARE Act (Caregiver …

Voting Rights 50 Years Later: Leaders Say the March to the Polls is Still Indispensable

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“Is it time to celebrate Selma, Alabama – and the triumph of the Voting Rights Act? Or is it time to mourn Shelby, Alabama – and the radical backlash against voting rights?”

Those are the questions raised by the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. as he declares the need for America to understand that “the struggle for equal rights must go on.”

Economic Empowerment: The Unfinished Business of Civil Rights

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National Urban League President/CEO Marc Morial, who last year hosted a conference themed, “Bridges to Jobs and Justice”, often stresses the need for poor people to have jobs as a key to economic empowerment and civil rights. Marcia Griffin, founder of Homefree USA, says home ownership is crucial to economic empowerment since “96 percent of African-American wealth is in our homes.” Michael Grant, president/CEO of the National Bankers Association, says the key to economic empowerment in the Black community is …